Robot Waiters And Meat-Clad Barbies Create A Unique Dining Experience

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By: Rosie Stevens, ellaslist

Yes, you read that right. Meat-wrapped barbies, alongside robotic waiters, a steamer to refresh your clothing post-spicy meal and Hello Kitty shaped stock cubes combine to deliver a labyrinthe-esque restaurant experience like no other.

Spice World in Haymarket is as quirky as they come and is one of an international chain of over 500 stores. The sprawling space can seat up to 270 diners on dragon-printed leather chairs, and comes complete with jenga sets, arcade games and an inordinate amount of mirrors.

It’s not all about the gimmicks though, and Spice World actually serves up some pretty decent food. Hot pots are their speciality, and their most popular base is a traditional spicy soup—which is made from a broth of beef, chicken and pork bones then seasoned with fennel, dried peppers, peppercorns and star anise. If you’re slightly more reserved when it comes to spice however, the wild mushroom or tom yum will be right up your alley (and is good for kids, too.)

These broths serve as the base of the meal, with diners then able to add as many sides as they like. There are a range of vegetables, other meat dishes (lookin’ at you, waygu dressed barbie and edible gold-leaf glazes), bean and tofu options, alongside rice and noodle dishes.

And, if you’re a condiment enthusiast, you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with the sauce buffet. This create-your-own adventure boasts all manner of pickles and pastes that you can mix together until you’ve found your winning combination of peanut butter, chilli oil, shrimp paste, flowered garlic and a whole lot more.

Luckily, if the signature spicy soup (which, even when served mild, can become slightly eye-watering after a couple of spoonfuls) gets a bit too much for you, you can extinguish the sweat at the on-site freshening station. 

They really have thought of everything!

The Details:

Where:  405-411 Sussex St, Haymarket
When:   Monday - Sunday, 11:30am–2:30pm and 5pm–10pm


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