Robot Fridge Serves Your Drinks On Command

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Have you ever gotten into perfect couch potato position in front of a brand new episode of The Real Housewives only to realise you need to top up your glass of wine? Or have you ever finally wrangled the whole family around the dinner table and taken a seat yourself only to realise that you've left the butter for the potatoes in the fridge? Say goodbye to those pesky trips to the refrigerator with Panasonic's new prototype: the robot fridge! 

Scroll to 0.58 seconds to watch the awesome video of the model's unveiling at the Panasonic IFA 2017:

Source: Channel Panasonic- Official Youtube

We Could All Use A Spare Pair Of Hands In The Kitchen

This 'fridge of the future' can manoeuvre around your home or kitchen, responding to simple commands such as “Go to the kitchen table” or “Come to living room”. A short time later, it will arrive, ready to give you a cold drink, snack, or even take away your dirty dishes to the dishwasher. 

According to Panasonic, the fridge learns the layout of your kitchen and can even respond to unexpected items in its way, judging objects around it when they are up to 15 cm away (hence, it won't run into pets and little kids). The smart fridge can also link to a database storing the information about every bottle of drink inside, allowing it to offer you suggestions about what drink might go best with what snack- not a bad little housemate, we think!

It could be in production within 5 to 6 years, so watch this space.