Peaceful And Purposeful Play At A NUBO Play Date

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In this fast-paced modern world we live in, there aren't many occasions to stop, reflect and be mindful of our surroundings. And yet my kids are the most mindful people I know, truly living in the moment, aware of their surroundings, engaging their senses, exploring their curiosities and playing with purpose.

How do I respond to this? Usually with something along the lines of "hurry up and put your shoes on!" Sadly from what I hear, this is a common theme in young families. 

However I have found a place where I can relax, where I can watch my kids take in their surroundings, explore, play, and exercise their independence in their own time. While I, for once, can sit back and appreciate it (with a coffee in hand). Yes, I found love in a hopeless place - a play centre. Except, this isn't really a play centre, in the traditional sense....

No Plastic, It's Fantastic 

Forget what you know about play centres because NUBO Chatswood isn't like them. There's no plastic, no screaming, no sticky ball pit and it doesn't feel like a zoo with wild animals tearing the place up.

Touting itself as an “innovative new educational play space”, the beautifully designed centre has a serene, calm, and welcoming vibe that stays with you long after you've left. There are many rooms to explore, with different sounds, sights, textures and sensory delights to open up little minds. 


The Perfect Playdate

NUBO Chatswood have introduced weekly "playdates" encouraging parents to get together with friends and their little ones for a morning of playing and connecting. The playdates run for 2 hours, of which 30 minutes is spent on a workshop of your choice and 1.5 hours is dedicated to free play. They will cater to groups of up to 10 and you can bring along children between the ages of 4 months to 5 years. 

When you walk in, kids are automatically drawn into the main play area, it's an open space complete with slide, train set, mini 'home' and 'market' area and a minimalist approach to toys. There is nothing overwhelming about it, kids simply find an area to play in and explore. Because it isn't a sensory overload they aren't dotting all over the place like monkeys in a banana store. 

Then.... if you can pry them away.... it's time for the play date experience. 

Guests can create their own bespoke experience which can include storytime, a private creative workshop, such as painting, craft, or playdough. Your own private educator will whisk off the kids and engage them in a wonderful experience. On the day we were trialling the new family style workshop that NUBO will be running on the weekends, so all age groups can be catered for in one session. In our case the children ranged from 1 to 5 years old and amazingly they were able to paint together in harmony. Not an easy feat! 

To top it all off, after all of that playing you and your group can relax in the cafe area re-fuelling on delicious baked treats and - for the parents this is your chance to grab that much needed second coffee of the day. 

The Importance of Play

Our kids get it. NUBO get it. But do we as parents really get it? NUBO have created an open-ended ‘structure’ to explore at a child’s pace and all they do is inspired by modern Montessori philosophies. This allows our kids to feel independent and in control, which doesn't happen enough when we're yelling at them to put their shoes on so we can get out of the door (ah modern life).

By having fun, playing with purpose, and importantly, seeing their parents relaxed, they feel safe - and this is crucial to their development. NUBO’s motto of PLAY – LEARN – CONNECT is certainly evident in all they offer.

While I can't say I can offer this to my kids everyday, it is rewarding to be to take a moment and remind myself that they are just kids, living in the moment. Something we can all learn from.... now NUBO, where did I leave my shoes? 

The Details

NUBO Playdates run Monday to Friday, 10am-3.30pm, and bookings are essential. Cost is $280 for groups of 10, this also includes entry fee. Find out more here. 

Please note: NUBO Chatswood will be closed from 1st December 2019 – however please do get in touch to hold your amazing playdate at their stunning Alexandria location –[email protected]

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