Parents’ Key to the Success of NSW’s Before and After School Commitment

  • Parents Only

Since 1 July, parents in New South Wales have been able to use the Have Your Say web form on Service NSW to let the NSW Department of Education know how they are currently accessing Before and After School Care especially in areas where services might not be available or where they have no vacancies. 

The department is committed to improving the availability of quality before and after school care services and to do this well, we are asking parents to get involved.

The department’s objective is to provide access to quality out of school hours care for the families of all children attending government primary schools.

The ‘Have Your Say’ webform is a platform for parents to contribute to the plan, by providing an insight into their care requirements and the kind of support they most need.

This will help determine the overall level of demand for these services and the locations where they are most wanted, helping the Government’s identify shortfalls and assisting them to adequately structure before and after school care across NSW.

This is a unique opportunity to have your say on one of our most challenging parenting issues and influence the planning and delivery of the service expansion to where it is needed most. If you have primary school children who are on waiting lists or have inadequate access to BASC services, or a child starting school in 2020 who will need care but may not be able to find it, complete the 'Have Their Say' survey now to be heard and make a difference!