Now Kids Can Build & Play With Their Food (And Eat It Too!)

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Apparently, mealtimes with kids can be fun and efficient. Check out this awesome product from Constructive Eating that we're thinking might make mealtimes with little ones less of a battle. "Lift, scoop, and push your way through a constructive mealtime."

Source: David Wolfe

Playtime Meets Dinnertime

Dish up dinner into the construction plate, and then set your little one to work with the fork lift fork, front loader spoon and bull dozer pusher. Not only do these utensils make mealtime a construction zone of imagination, but they also work to improve your little one's fine motor skills and independence around mealtimes. 

It looks like this awesome product doesn't ship to Australia, but you can get the set of 3 utensils plus the construction plate on Amazon for around AUD $32 plus shipping. 

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