Night Lights for Kids: 7 of the Best to Make Them Feel Safe

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Night lights for kids are a staple for little ones, offering comfort, a sense of calm, consistency, and a light in the dark throughout their childhoods, particularly for those who fear a visit from the dreaded boogeyman. 

Night lights in today's market are far more aesthetically pleasing than in days gone by, providing a win-win for both kids afraid of the dark and parents keen to add to their decor scheme.

Here are our best picks for where to shop for comforting night lights for your little sleepers.

Night Lights for Kids: 7 of the Best to Make Them Feel Safe

1. My Night Light 

My Night Light
My Night Light

Turning nightmares into dreams and monsters into mermaids since 2009, My Night Light is a one-stop shop for all things bedtime comfort.

Whatever age and stage your little one is at, My Night Light have the perfect night lights for kids. We love the Duski Dream—an LED light that offers a simple, safe, and comforting presence throughout the night, or the gorgeous Duski Dream Guardians, which combines a speaker for their favourite soothing sounds and songs with a calming light. The perfect sleep aid in our book!

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2. Designstuff


Designstuff is an absolute mecca for beautiful interiors, and their light offering is no exception.

Their stunning range of night lights for kids includes the adorable LIEWOOD lights, a rechargeable option that comes in a range of super-cute characters and colours to suit your little one's preferences! 

3. Kmart 

Kmart Night Lights
Good ol' Kmart has some fun, affordable options.

Doing what they do best, Kmart have some really great and ultra-affordable options for kids' night lights.

We love this Projector Night Light, which, as the name suggests, projects multi-coloured lights on the ceiling while playing soothing lullabies. If your little one struggles with the dark, this one will help them feel more secure. 

4. Personalised Night Lights

Personalised Night Lights
What kid wouldn't love to see their name in lights every night?!

A really gorgeous pick that will suit a child's bedroom throughout their entire childhood, these Personalised Night Lights will help your little one feel relaxed and safe at every bedtime.

These stunning, made-to-order lights will softly fill the room with a warm white glow from the LED light base creating a soft, intimate atmosphere. Sold! 

5. Lumi Night Lights

Lumi Night Lights
Lumi Night Lights

These stylish night lights for kids from Lumi Night Lights are designed to provide soft, gentle lighting to help anxious or hard-to-settle kids feel safe and secure.

Each light from the Lumi Dream Team represents a unique character with exceptional superpowers, and they all feed off bad dreams, stand guard all night and softly illuminate any room. 

6. Beacon Lighting

The best night lights for kids
Kids' lights from Beacon Lighting.

These adorable lamps available at Beacon Lighting make the perfect companion while little ones drop off to sleep.

They operate on a timer to save battery life and emanate a soft glow that will comfort kids throughout the night.

Beacon Lighting also have a great range of string lights, which is an excellent option for older kids who claim not to need a night light but who aren't quite ready to sleep in the dark just yet. 

7. Pottery Barn Kids

The best night lights for kids
Kids lights from Pottery Barn Kids.

Aesthetically pleasing, neutral-coloured, and oh-so-beautiful, these hand-painted ceramic night lights from Pottery Barn Kids are designed in a gorgeous crescent silhouette and star motif and fitted with an LED light that casts a warm glow across the room.

The built-in Bluetooth audio system lets you stream their favourite bedtime tunes from your laptop or smartphone, making for a very contented and relaxed child while they drop off to sleep - brilliant! 

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