A New Tween Clothing Brand Has Arrived - Meet Love Haidee

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As a mother, one of the joys of having a daughter is playing dress-ups. Not Halloween-type dress-ups. Real-life dress-ups. Living vicariously through your stylish offspring, reliving the sartorial glory days and bonding over fashion on fun shopping sprees. This works for a while until they develop their own sense of style and self-expression - not always aligned with their well-meaning mothers - and it gets harder still, as bodies change and self-consciousness kicks in.

It’s tough out there for a tween

The tween years, when girls are caught somewhere between childhood and womanhood, can be fraught with challenges when it comes to clothing. They want to look good and feel fashionable but finding age-appropriate clothes that work is not an easy feat. Most children's clothing labels stop at size 12, and because girls develop around that time, but at different rates, they can be difficult to fit. There are plenty of frills and frou-frou for little girls, and crop tops and short shorts for teens, but what is there for the inbetweenies?

Tween Clothing Brand Love Haidee

Meet the new kid on the block

Inspired by countless failed shopping trips with a disappointed daughter, one mum was determined to fill the gap with simple, quality clothing. Love Haidee has launched a girls clothing brand created especially for tween and teens, with a collection that runs from size 8 to 16. Because every girl is unique, it is designed to fit real girls of all shapes and sizes, building confidence in their changing bodies. With a focus on premium quality fabrics, the Love Haidee range is made to last, intent on being handed down to the next generation of body-positive sisters, cousins and friends. Sydney-based mum Emma Browning, the brains behind Love Haidee, has delivered on her vision to create versatile, classic pieces, that girls actually want to wear. She has even sought their contribution in the design process! The range includes luxe printed tops and tanks in five unique prints, and PJ’s Your Way -  soft and luxurious mix-and-match pyjama separates.

Tween Clothing Brand Love Haidee

Be your best self

Encouraging girls to embrace their own beauty, Love Haidee doesn’t use models or retouching in any of their campaigns. They use real girls (Emma’s daughter and her friends, in  fact!) insisting “Real beauty comes from within and when you feel great in your clothes that inner beauty shines through.” Love Haidee’s purpose is to create a community of girls that inspire one another to be kind and confident and make girls smile every time they wear the clothes.

Tween Clothing Brand Love Haidee

It’s all good

As well as creating the ultimate in comfort and confidence, Emma wanted the range to capture the magical feeling of her happy place - the fun, sunshine and good vibes of the tropics - by incorporating unique signature prints in its logo and designs. Ethically made and minimising waste (they use leftover fabric to make matching scrunchies!) they also use environmentally friendly packaging, so mindful positivity is woven through the entire Love Haidee production process.

See the collection at Love Haidee and score yourself a 10% discount on your first order when you sign up to their mailing list!

Tween Clothing Brand Love Haidee

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