New To Sydney: Betty❜s Burgers Are Gonna Be A BIG Hit!

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist; images courtesy of Betty's Burgers Facebook

Betty's Burgers is a really big deal in Queensland, so Sydney-siders, listen-up! They've officially opened in Darling Harbour, on the ground floor of the Convention Centre, and inside this shack-style diner, you can get epic burgers, thickshakes, and 'concrete' desserts. 

Source: Daily Telegraph Facebook

The Menu Is Mouth. Watering.

All their signature burgers have made their way down to Sydney (the 7th store in the chain), including the Betty's Classic Angus beef burger with 'special sauce', a burger with crispy 'Southern-fried' chicken, slow-cooked crispy pork belly, a mushroom burger with two kinds of cheese for all the veggos out there, and the whopping big 'Classic Stack' consisting of the classic burger AND mushroom burger. There's also fries, onion rings, wine, beer and cider (phew!), thickshakes including 'chocolate peanut butter', and their signature dessert called 'Concretes.' 

Concretes are basically a rich and creamy ice cream custard with either your choice of mix-ins (including salted caramel popcorn and peanut brittle) or in one of Betty's favourite recipes including 'spiced pecan and and banana cream pudding' and 'hot fudge doughnut'. They taste as good as they sound. In terms of their fresh, American-style burgers, operations director Nik Rollison told Good Food: "We have a short, tight menu, and we limit the number of variables in terms of ingredients. The best burgers are fresh and simple - so that's what we do."

Betty's Is Big On The Burger Scene

Although we recommend that you head there prepared for a sugar and carb splurge (an extra special treat for little ones), you might be pleased to know, according to Good Food, that their beef is grass-fed in Riverina NSW, their milk buns are made fresh in-house daily, and although the extras are kept to a minimum, you can still be totally Aussie and get yours with beetroot or egg. Or both. 

Betty's Burgers have recently opened up in Melbourne, too, so they are well and truly on their way to total Australia burger-scene-takeover. We don't mind.