New Indoor Playground Coming Soon to Hotel Pennant Hills

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By: Emily O’Brien, ellaslist

Aren’t indoor playgrounds the best? They’re perfect for grabbing a bite to eat with a friend when the little ones would rather run around than sit still, or for days when the weather doesn’t want to co-operate. So, naturally, we were excited to hear that Hotel Pennant Hills (HPH) is replacing its current play structure with a brand new larger soft play structure.

Indoor play area prior to renovation


The New Playground

The playground area will be split into two sections—a toddler area (ages 2-4) and a kids’ room (ages 5-10), complete with family-friendly amenities like a gelato bar, baby high chairs and kids’ toilet/parents’ room. The hotel also has parking facilities and welcomes mothers’ groups and kids’ parties.

On Sundays, there’s even a kids’ entertainer between 1-3. We like that the hotel has a good-sized kids menu, which offers items like this healthy kids platter.

The new structure will feature more slides and a mini trampoline.

Healthy Kids Platter offered at HPH

Coming Soon

Playground installation will occur in late August/early September.

Here's a sketch of what the new play area will look like


Hotel Pennant Hills is located at

352 Pennant Hills Rd 
Pennant Hills, NSW 2120 





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