Mums, It Is Possible To Bring Sexy Back For Summer

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist 

You know you're a Mum when you spend hours pureeing organic vegetables for your baby so that they meet their nutritional needs and build their immune systems and boost their cognitive development, yet you're living off chocolate biscuit stash in your handbag and googling what the maximum amount of coffee you can have in your system without having a heart attack.

You know you're a mum strive and strive to get your child into a routine, whether it's that 12 week sleep plan or the morning school routine - but when it comes to your own fitness routine, and you are basically living proof of that meme "I didn't make it to the gym today. That makes 5 years in a row." But it doesn't have to be that way. You need to look after yourself too, Mama! You might not have a blue book of important health check-ups like Bub does, but your health is important too. Not only can you be a strong role model to your child, but you'll have more energy, feel happier and get the most out of your day. 

A Strong Mindset Is The Most Important Step

I recently took part in a 6 week challenge by Six Weeks to Sexy (or "sw2s" if that's too much of a hashtag clenched face emoji for you) which is a fitness group run by Blake Worrall-Thompson. He is the trainer to bangin' bod celebrities such as the Bachelorette's Sam Frost. Before you dismiss it (like I initially did) because of the words Sexy and Bachelorette and Bangin' Bod - you should know that Blake is an all-round top bloke who never makes you feel intimidated (despite his charm and good looks) and the program is designed to suit your needs without pushing you over the edge (it's not a scary bootcamp!) As Blake tells me, why shouldn't mums feel sexy? Yeah, he's right, why shouldn't we!? It's all about changing your mindset. Sexy doesn't have to be washboard abs. For me, I will be happy with pillow-board abs, so long as I'm working those abs! It isn't about being bikini ready, it's about being body positive enough to get into a swim suit with my son and being sandcastle-ready. Sexy is a mindset, not a swimsuit size. 

Run Me Through The Run-Down

Well, the 6 week program consists of 5 x 45 min training sessions a week (I attended the humane 8.45am session but you can opt for the 5.45am leg if you want to get it out of the way before the kids get up) and these are made up of cardio and weights. There's hardly any running, which for me is a big yay. On my first day I had to do 3 x 1km runs but these were mixed into the cardio routine so I never felt out of breath or like I was running a Forrest Gump style marathon. In between this you do sets of excercises like squats, sit-ups, lunges etc. The sets are quick so nothing ever feels repetitive or grueling. Blake is there with his timer to count you down and motivate you to give it your all. If like me, motivation is your downfall, this is why you need a program like sw2s. It's soooooo easy to give up when you are working out on your own - for me it's a constant battle with Lazy Alex - who always wins! 

The second day was "strength" which sounds scary but was actually my favourite session. There is no running and the focus is on building up muscle strength using weights and exercises such assisted chin-ups - which is chin-ups but with the help of rubber resistance bands (my version of gym Cirque Du Soleil, yes it's that fun!). I'm not going to lie, I was hurting the next day, but as they say, beauty is pain! I used muscles I never even knew I had. And again, without Blake I would have given up after the first lunge or taken the easy way out with my half-hearted squats. "Oh that's how low you're meant to go?"

Food, Glorious Food

Sw2s is not just a fitness plan. As Blake tells me, you won't get results without changing your diet too. After all, 65% of the program is about the right food. He has teamed up with Sports Nutritionist and Natropath Kira Sutherland to bring you a 6 week food plan to clean up your diet. Yes, that means no more cheeky wines, choccy bickies and limiting your coffee intake from bucket to small cup. Look it's not as extreme as it sounds, but if you want the program to work, it's worth investing in a diet makeover. The recipes and menu ideas are actually pretty good, think lots of wholefoods, veggies and protein. Here's an example below of a meal plan:

The emphasis is not on feeling guilty about going off the rails on a so-called "cheat day" in fact, as Kira likes to point out, "I don’t want you thinking you are ‘cheating’ on yourself, this doesn’t create a positive mind set. You know if you are being good and making healthy choices and you know how you will feel if you chose to do this over making less wise decisions."

There are going to be days where you eat sugar, hello kids birthday parties! But the program is there to assist you in making good choices - there's even a private Facebook forum where you can ask Kira for advice, like "I'm at Johnny's birthday party, what should I eat - the fairy bread or the chicken wings?" It's all about feeling empowered, which is so important for us mums. So go on, give it a try.... and show Johnny who's boss on the backyard soccer field! 

The Details

The SW2S program is open now for registrations.

Cost: Basic 6 week packages start at $695

Where: 30 Alma Road, Paddington

See: the website for more info