Mum❜s Choice: GymbaROO Has The Seal Of Approval

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By: Natalie Stanley, ellaslist

When the opportunity came up to review GymbaROO, I was delighted to be able to spend a morning of quality time with my 10 month baby. As a working mum of 2 active boys, my youngest’s extra curricular activities timetable is minimalistic to say the least!

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Blast From The Past

As I entered the waiting area, all the memories of that beautiful one-one time with my first born came flooding back. GymbaROO was the first official activity we ever did together and I just adored it! Today, we were welcomed with open arms, by the lovely bubbly Kris at the Redfern centre who was running the class.

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Why GymbaRoo For Mums?

All the mums were chatting away and I forgot how important this social event can be for mums stuck at home 24/7 with their babies. Everyone was super friendly and I felt instantly at home!

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Sensory Stimulation

We were led into the room and got straight into the super cute ‘Welcome Hello song’, where each baby is individually welcomed through song. I remembered the words and melody instantly! This was followed by clapping and shaking hands, with a little help from the mums, and the babies were soon gurgling and laughing away.

Next up, we attempted to massage the very active babies with head to toe strokes and a funny song to accompany, a re-hashed version of old McDonald.

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Motor Development

The babies were put in various funny positions to encourage the babies to practice their ever-evolving motor skills. We did all manner of manouevers, from jumping around the room with them, throwing and catching puffballs, to wheelbarrows holding onto their chubby legs!

gym 1

Music and Dance

Music is a key part of the GymbaROO program. We got up and danced around to Looby Loo and Hokey Pokey holding our bubs and moving their little limbs around. Any initial shyness from Mr 1 had soon evaporated, and he was having an absolute ball!

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Themes & Repetition

Each week GymbaROO focuses on a key word, and this week it was ‘Rabbit’. The babies got to see the word as an object, in this case a fluffy bunny, followed by a picture and a quick flash of the word, teaching them the different ways they might experience an object through words, images and touch.

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Free Play

After the structured activities, we were all invited into the room on the other side of the building, for free play in the large equipment area. This was my favorite part, as you get one-on-one time in a safe environment with loads of exciting, cool, new big toys. The delight in Mr 1s face was adorable, as he crawled from station to station, squealing with joy!

They had a big gym style set up with everything, including swings, slides, sensory stations, mini ball pits, gorgeous little wooden climbing frames, and much, much more.

Mr 1’s facial expressions were priceless, switching from serious concentration, giggles, smiles and sheer surprise, as he discovered each new experience, I was just a bit disappointed this part didn’t last a bit longer!

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The Highlights

  • Precious quality one-on-one time with my little bub

  • Losing our inhibitions together through music and dance!

  • Free Play in the large equipment area

  • The air con – a refreshing welcome on a very hot day!

  • The staff, lovely, genuine, friendly and welcoming

Top Tip

If you ring ahead, you can trial your first class for FREE

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