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Aside from being oh-so-adorable hearing your little one converse in another language, receiving a bilingual education is a highly beneficial way to sharpen brain function and improve memory at an early age. Bilingual education fortifies the executive function of the brain, which can help children perform better when it comes to multi-tasking, problem-solving and decision-making. Learning a second language has also been shown to improve a child’s sense of attachment with the community around them.

So if you’re eager for your little one to get a jump-start on their cognitive abilities, here’s our pick of the best bilingual daycare centres in Melbourne.


This boutique not-for-profit organisation has several bilingual daycare centres across Australia including one in Fitzroy North.

Named after German educator Friedrich Fröbel – aka the man who essentially created the concept of kindergarten back in 1837 – the FROEBEL way of teaching is grounded in play, imagination, nature and unity. FROEBEL’S Fitzroy centre teaches German to students from 6 months to 5 years and has been rated by the Department of Education and Training at Exceeding the National Quality Standard in 2016. Along with German studies, FROEBEL students get to enjoy a multitude of educational facilities including play pods, a Little Scientist Corner, a kitchen theatre, and reading nooks where they can excel at science and maths, health and nutrition, and nature and risk-taking.      

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Phone: 03 9481 2527
Address: 138 Barkly Street, Fitzroy North
Visit their website

Chinese: True Maple Bilingual

If you’re fond of a home daycare environment, True Maple Bilingual is the perfect fit for your little ones.


True Maple is a longstanding pillar of the local community and is run by director, Jasmine Zhao, who tailors her daycare program and Chinese language classes around the unique needs of every child. True Maple believes that a child’s education is continually evolving and as such regularly updates their educator skillsets through professional development. All educators are fluent in Chinese and educate their students according to the National Early Learning Framework. Delicious, nutritious and organic meals are provided as part of the daycare program.  

To Find Out More

Phone: 03 9808 6076
Address: 20 Richmond Street, Blackburn South
Visit their website


Greek: Alpha Early Learning Centre

Keen to get your little one learning the fascinating language that is Greek? Alpha Early Learning Centre is one of the only daycare centres in Melbourne that offers the Greek bilingual program to tots aged 3 months to 5 years. Full-time and part-time care is on offer at this community childcare service that prides itself on offering a family atmosphere with a professionally educated core. Eleni is Alpha’s highly qualified (and fluent!) Greek Language Teacher who boasts 30 years of teaching expertise.

To Find Out More

Phone: 03 9429 1488
Address: 8 Corsair Street, Richmond
Visit their website


Korean: Noriter Bilingual Early Learning Centre

Korean for ‘Playground’, Noriter is a family- and community-run daycare program that believes in the welfare of language for a child’s growing mind.

Catering to children aged 6 weeks to five years, Noriter’s daycare program centres on play-based learning as a way to encourage diversity, relationships and creativity. Along with Noriter’s specialised bilingual language program, children can look forward to Korean stories and music, literacy and numeracy, art, science experiments, cooking and baking, yoga and mindfulness, and the occasional excursion.

To Find Out More

Phone: 03 9540 0333
Address: 478 Haughton Road, Clayton South
Visit their website


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