Match-Making For Babies

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Check out the Tinder-esque app…for babies.
Just-A-Baby is the app matching wannabe mums and dads to other potential co-parents, for example singles and same-sex couples with surrogates, egg donors and sperm donors! The family unit, has indeed, changed.

Source: JustaBaby Mobile App

Swipe Left For A Baby

Just-A-Baby was founded by two Aussies Paul Ryan and Gerard Edwards. It aims to allow hopeful mums and dads to start the negotiations with local and global “conception partners” who can make their dreams of a family come true. The app is under the careful guidance of internationally acclaimed fertility lawyer, Stephen Page of Harrington Family Law Firm to assist with the legal aspects of an app such as this. If done properly, with legal requirements met, family counselling and fertility services all visited, the app can help clucky singles and couples make a family without having to rely on one-night stands, anonymous donors, and awkward conversations with old friends or partners. Ryan said: “Friendships change when children become involved and the legal fallout of not being properly prepared can be unpredictable. Obtaining support in advance is crucial to getting through the whole process safely, and to be in a position to provide a happy, secure future for your child.”

[caption id=“attachment_119237” align=“alignnone” width=“750”]adoption Source: The “Adoptly” Hoax, The Donaldson Adoption Institute[/caption]

From The Comfort Of Your Home

Pictured above is the “Adoptly” hoax- a fake start-up that shocked Youtubers with a “millenial-friendly” and convenient way to find a baby. Whilst Adoptly claimed that “parenthood is just a swipe away”, we aniticipate that Just-A-Baby might have a few more formal processes and safeguards in place before the baby is passed over.

We are pretty amazed  by this app- from the comfort of your own home you can begin the journey of starting a family. It’s simple and easy to use- a profile can be set up in a mere few minutes, instantly connecting you to a person or couple living down the road or on the other side of the world who you can mutually benefit from. It fast-tracks the ‘alternative parenting’ process in this technological age, and we can’t wait to see if it takes off.

Just-A-Baby is available on the App Store or Google play.

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