Magformers Product Review - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  • Toddlers

Tested by: Yvette and Katie, Dec 2017, ellaslist explorers

When it comes to choosing good value Christmas presents for your kids - and when we say value - we mean the toys that they'll get the most use from over and over again, construction toys are the go. With no rules and your kid's unlimited imagination, these types of toys are a smart investment. Magformers is the latest toy we've been testing out this Christmas courtesy of the amazing Magformers Concept Store in Pyrmont, Sydney.

What are Magformers?

Magformers sets consist of geometric shapes, they snap together with neodymium magnets safely encapsulated in very strong welded BPA-free ABS plastic - this means they are extremely strong and can withstand years of construction play. The Magformers range is huge, with sets from 18 months old to age 99 and comes in a variety of sizes and themes. Magformers teaches kids some extraordinary skills without them knowing - they'll just be having fun whilst honing skills in Spatial Awareness, 2D and 3D Modelling, Mathematical and Scientific thinking, Reasoning, Sensory Skills, Fine Motor, Problem Solving and Engineering Principles. Also in 2016 Magformers was the Winner of the ATA’s Educational Product of the Year.

Engaged for hours - every day

We tested My First 30 Set (for 18 months+) RRP $79.90 with Zoe 18 months, and Carnival Set RRP $116.90 with Poppy aged 4.5 years.

Zoe (18 months) & Mum Katie

"My daughter absolutely loves her Magformers! We received them on Friday and they held her attention all weekend, which is extremely rare. As her Mum, it is great to see her engaged in more sophisticated play and building, and in truth, I had no idea she could do the things she was doing. She loved matching the shapes to the accompanying book and she has shown me she is smarter than I thought and it has been so lovely to watch and a refreshing change from role play toys.

Zoe also has a four-year-old brother and he seemed to enjoy them just as much. A great toy and one I have already highly recommended to friends.

Poppy Aged 4 & Mum Yvette

"Pops had the Carnival Set where you can build a Ferris Wheel - Where she had no immediate interest in putting together the wheel (unlike her 9-year-old sister who hovered around desperate to have a go) Pops immediately made a 3D house, followed by a hat, followed by a snake, followed by a rainbow, followed by the flat lay of something else she was really proud of. I was really impressed to see her immediate ability to snap the shapes straight away into what she had imagined.

The Magfomers were super easy to put together and this held her attention for the next 2 hours building various setups and sliding around on them like ice skates (luckily they are super robust) I knew she would love this toy - the set has been sitting out in the lounge for over a week now - and she's come back to it daily - involving her other toys - building houses and barns, giant necklaces and more. I know that she'll keep going back to this toy, and we'll get years of play - they are an investment, but something you can pass down (or up) in the case of her eager 9 year -old sister!"


  • Value for money - Yes they are an investment, would be the main gift for Christmas or Birthday, but can see years but would give years of value.
  • Quality - Very good and robust
  • Safe - Yes, liked they are BPA free
  • Ease - Very easy to use and snap together 


Magformers Concept Store

The Magformers Concept Store opened to the public in May 2017, and is located at 233 Harris Street Pyrmont - a five-minute walk from Darling Harbour, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and Power House Museum. 
There are over 123 different sets of Magformers available at the store, ranging in price from  $15 to $1100. It's a great store and is worth checking out to see the full range and kids will enjoy the 'makerspace' (play space) at the back of the shop.
The store hours are 11am - 6pm Monday to Friday, and 11am - 4pm on Saturdays.

Check out the In-Store Events

The Magformers Concept Store also hosts regular events including STEM and Coding Classes on Saturday mornings run by a qualified teacher, Alison Hays from Little Minds Makerspace. 

Find details of events on their Details of our upcoming Events on their Facebook page