Luna Park Sydney Is Back And We Go (Stir) Crazy For It

  • Mums & Bubs

As soon as Luna Park Sydney announced its reopening we channeled our inner wild mouse and scurried over as fast as we could! During the school holidays we took advantage of the relaunch special with the ellaslist team taking their respective luna-tics for a day out of fun after being locked up for so long.

For just $50 a ticket we received four hours of unlimited rides, 1 free game and a $10 food voucher, which made it a truly valuable school holiday adventure. 

Safe and Sound

Luna Park is taking infection control very seriously, so you can rest assured it’s a safe day out for your family. They have limited the number of tickets available (sadly no more walk-ins through the big mouth) so you must book tickets but you'll enjoy the comfort of less lines and less people milling around.

There are health checks upon arrival and ride attendants wipe down the rides after each turn. With less people in the park, these measures don’t seem to add any extra wait time for rides, and everything seems to run as smoothly as a Coney Island slide.  It’s also a great day out in the fresh air with stunning views of the city we missed so much while in lockdown. 

Top Picks From The Team

The ellaslist team ranges from toddlers to teens and there was something for everyone (yes even the parents) so that there were no fights or tears (except for when we had to leave!).

There are our highlights:

Emmy (2) enjoyed little kids rides at the back, including teacups and trains, and Jax (5) loved playing the games and winning a swag of prizes. They both loved the hot chips!

Indy (9) said her highlight was the Sizzler ride, especially when all the lights went on at night. She went on that about ten times! 

The Byrne family (girls aged 5-14 years old) loved Coney Island and the dodgem cars. They all loved being able to enjoy the rides together as a family. 

Billy (6) loved the ferris wheel and seeing the Opera House in the distance (surpassed only by eating the delicious fairy floss) while Georgia (2) loved the “horsie ride” on the carousel. 

August (7) loved the Volare the best and how high the swings went up while Atticus (4) loved the big slide in Coney Island as he got to ride it with his Dad.

Brianna (8) loved the Tango Train and being spun backwards and forwards. Fiona (6) loved Volare and was so excited to finally be tall enough to go on her first green pass ride. 

Us parents loved so many things, such as having the freedom of the food credit so that all of those treats we’d normally say no to were suddenly on the table; the sideshow alley games and giving our tickets to the kids so that they could shoot for the stars; and the friendly staff and engaging performers on every corner. We loved the Wild Mouse - but once was enough! We also really appreciated how safe we were made to feel with staff so diligent at wiping down anything that you might grip your hands onto! 

Say Hello To Wild Weekends

Now that we’re back into the school routine, Luna Park Sydney will only open on weekends. The good news is that you can still get the $50 tix with unlimited rides and they’ve extended the stay period to six hours (11am-5pm!). So what are you waiting for? Let’s get wild!

For more on Luna Park Sydney's Wild Weekends and safety measures, click here.