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If you want the freshest fruits and vegetables in Australia, you don’t go to your local supermarket. You handpick certified organic, locally grown produce straight from the farm. But who has the time for that, right? Here at ellaslist, we’re all about healthy, organic eating, but convenience can often take precedence over nutrition in our hectic lifestyles, leaving us foraging through bruised apples and woeful bananas at the supermarket by the end of a busy day.

Lucky for us (and for you!), the days of buying subpar fruits and vegetables are long gone thanks to a marvellous invention: the fruit and vegetable hamper. Lettuce explain more.

A Box Full Of Goodness

The fruit and vegetable delivery phenomenon is relatively new on the healthy-eating spectrum, but they don’t call it a phenomenon for nothing. The perfect solution for time-poor parents and health addicts, fruit and vegetable delivery boxes take the stress out of sourcing the best fruits and vegetables on the market as well as the nuisance of ensuring your weekly supply stays fresh. Lettuce Deliver Organics have been in the business of supplying fresh organic fruit and vegetable boxes in Sydney for 19 years. Run by the Stuart family, Lettuce Deliver’s vision of granting Australian families access to the best (and freshest) produce from local farmers has never waivered as they helped set the trend for many other fruit and vegetable delivery services all those years ago. And it doesn't hurt that Lettuce Deliver are a Certified Organic NASAA retailer.

Seasonal, Local, And Pesticide-Free    

The Stuart family are passionate about organic food and sustainable farming practices, and apply this creed to running Lettuce Deliver. Every single piece of fruit and vegetable in the Lettuce Deliver fruit and vegetable boxes is 100% organic, seasonal, and free from nasty pesticides. What’s more, the Lettuce Deliver fruit and vegetable boxes are the freshest around because they don’t hold stock. All of their seasonal boxes are ordered directly from local farmers as orders come in – that’s right, no hanging around in the fridge for days for these fruits and veggies!

Aside from buying produce fresh from the source, Lettuce Deliver are experts at sourcing the fruits and vegetables they know their customers will want. Yes, their fruit and vegetable boxes change according to the seasons, but they will also change according to what Lettuce Deliver deem the best fruits and vegetables for their customers. Lettuce Deliver know their fruits. They know their vegetables. And they certainly know their customers.

5 A Day The Easy Way

A lot of Australians struggle to eat the allocated 5 fruits and vegetables a day for various reasons, but the main reason is that we are time-poor. If you’ve got a family with growing kids, it’s more important than ever to have a fresh supply of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. That’s where Lettuce Deliver comes in. Lettuce Deliver’s weekly Seasonal Boxes of fruits and vegetables contain fresh seasonal produce that will keep the whole family stocked up with their 5-a-day for the entire week. And once you’re finished with that week’s supply of fruit and veggies, a new box of fresh produce will be on its way!

100% Certified Organic

Along with 100% certified organic fruits and vegetables, Lettuce Deliver source and deliver 100% certified organic meat, poultry and dairy products from local farmers. To ensure their customers are only cooking with and eating the best products around, Lettuce Deliver will not buy fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry or dairy products from a farmer unless the products have been grown in line with the National Standard for Organic Production and are certified Organic or Biodynamic by an independent certifying body like ACO or NASAA.

Online Orders

If you’re new to Lettuce Deliver, ordering couldn’t be easier and can be done online. In fact, Lettuce Deliver stock such a comprehensive inventory of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and other groceries, you won’t have to step foot in a supermarket again. From deodorants, bed linens and frozen meals to baby items, essential oils, beverages, chocolates, yoghurts and freshly made bakery items – Lettuce Deliver certainly know how to deliver! 

For more information on how to order your Seasonal Box of fruits and vegetables, visit Lettuce Deliver’s online order system or contact the friendly team on 02 9763 7337.


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