Kmart Introduces Afterpay So Now It❜s Even More Dangerous To Shop Online

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

It is not safe to enter the water, I repeat, it is not safe. And by water I mean that treacherous rip tide that pulls you in and spits you out feeling spent, Kmart. 

The retail giant has just announced that they will allow customers to purchase goods online using Afterpay.

Shoppers have been campaigning to get Kmart onboard with the Afterpay service, and now it seems like their dreams have come true. 

Afterpay will allegedly be available for online orders totalling $70 or more to a maximum value of $1000.

While both Kmart and Afterpay have yet to release any official statement or information about the truth behind these claims, many shoppers have written about the news on social media claiming that Kmart will launch on September 18. After all, Kmart is run by 'the people' (I mean, have you seen Kmart Mums Australia?!)

What Is Afterpay?

Afterpay allows consumers to buy clothes, shoes and accessories online and then have them delivered to the door for free. 

Almost like a reverse lay-by, shoppers pay the balance over four equal installments, due every two weeks - all with no interest or fees. Ka-ching, Kmart you've done it again!

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