Kids Can Now Design Their Own Outfits

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

If they’re to be the next Vera Wang, you need to start them young! Check out the awesome Picture This Clothing- where kids get to wear their own designs.

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Source: InspireMore

Wear Your Imagination

Picture This Clothing is a company founded by mother Jaimee Newberry. The idea came to her, Newberry says on her blog, when she made a dress for her daughter Zia based off a drawing she had done. The dress is rainbow coloured, and received an awesome response from Zia’s friends at school as well as from the other mothers. Zia’s original dress cost $72 to make and took 12 hours of Newberry’s time, so she began to brainstorm ways she could make this a business, and an affordable and efficient one at that. She said: “We wanted something that could be accessible to a lot kids, of a broad spectrum of social and economic status, and also be an easily scalable business model. So with a little more brainstorming we came up with our concept for Picture This Clothing.”

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It’s Super Simple Too

All kids need to do to become their own designer is colour in a template (which is basically just a colouring-in sheet of a dress), have parents take a photo and send it to Picture This, and bam…a “custom cut-and-sewn article of clothing” will be on it’s way to you.

The cost to order online is about AUD $64 for the dress, plus about $19.50 for international shipping from the United States. Kids can get super creative and use stickers, and other arts and crafts materials on the template so encourage them to get creative. We think we know what well-behaved little girls will be getting on their next birthday….

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