The Best Kids❜ Camping Chairs

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Whether you're a family of seasoned campers or you're just getting started, you'll know the value of having some great, kid-friendly options in your camping equipment lineup, especially when it comes to somewhere little ones can sit and recuperate after a long day of campsite fun. 

Kids camping chairs will engage kids in the experience, prove to be super useful, and look mega cute to boot.

Here are our picks for the best places to shop for kids' camping chairs. 

Where to Shop for Kids' Camping Chairs

1. Tent World

Tent World Camping Chairs
These kids' camping chairs feature a drink holder and zipped insulated cooler on the armrests. Phew!

Proving itself to be one of the best places to shop for kids' camping chairs, Tent World has plenty of options for kids at every age and stage. We love this Oztrail Junior High Chair as an ultra-handy pick for babies and toddlers, or these Oztrail Moon Chairs that are both kid-sized and seriously comfy looking. 

2. Kogan

Kogan camping chairs
These camping chairs from Kogan are sure to be a real hit with kids! 

Kogan is a great place to shop for kids' camping chairs, coming in a range of sizes, colours, prints, and patterns. We reckon kids would love to perch on the Regatta Camping Chairs in shark, unicorn or bumblebee designs!

3. Kmart Camping Chairs

Kids Camping Chairs Kmart
As always, Kmart has some epic options for kids' camping chairs! 

Doing what they do best, Kmart has some fun, colourful, and, most importantly affordable options for kids' camping chairs that youngsters are sure to adore.

From chairs that hero their favourite TV characters to their favourite animals and in their favourite colourway, Kmart is sure to have you covered for kids' camping chairs that won't break the bank.

4. BCF

BCF kids camping chairs
These fun patterned chairs from BCF are a great option for camping with kids.

With chairs to suit every requirement and budget, BCF is a go-to destination for all things camping gear, including kids' camping chairs.

We love this Wanderer Kids Moon Chair for a super comfortable option or these ultra-fun patterned chairs that kids are sure to adore. 

5. Bunnings 

Bunnings Camping Chairs for Kids
Comfort meets cuteness in these fun camping chairs for kids from Bunnings!

When it comes to anything to do with the great outdoors, Bunnings is a great place to shop.

Their Marquee Kids Camp Chairs are the perfect affordable pick, and the range of animal designs means you'll be able to find one to suit your kids perfectly. 

6. Izimini

Izimi Camping Chairs
These swoon-worthy camping chairs are the ultimate camping accessory for kids!


If you're on a quest to find the most aesthetically pleasing kids' camping chair, stop the search—we've found it!

These incredibly adorable pieces from Izimini are a safety-meets-style option. They're lightweight, foldable, boast a built-in harness, and are super easy to clean. Did we mention the gorgeous prints?

These stunning chairs are a great do-it-all pick, from the beach and backyard to playgrounds and picnics and everything in between. 

7. Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse Kids Camping Chairs
Camping fun awaits with these easy-to-use chairs from Mountain Warehouse!

The Mini Character Chair from Mountain Warehouse is a great all-around chair for the backyard, camping, and beyond. It's lightweight, foldable, and comes with a carry strap for easy transportation. These Low Chairs are another excellent option that kids and adults alike can benefit from!

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