Ice Cream Minus The Drips & Sticky Hands

  • Parents Only

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist; feature image via odditymall

The only thing that could possibly dampen the delicious experience of a devouring an ice cream cone or iceblock on a hot summer's day is the drips. Whether it runs onto your couch, down the front of your little one's clean shirt or covers little hands and arms in a sleeve of milk and sugar, this product will stop all the fuss. Check it out:

Source: INSIDER Inventions

Drip-Free Pleasure

Keep clothes, couches, hands and arms clean with the 'Dripstik No Mess Ice Cream Cone & Frozen Treat Holder'. We wouldn't mind having a few of these babies on hand this Summer....

You can grab them from Thanks Mum for just AUD $12, and they come in colours such as peach, blue, red, pink and green. You're welcome.