I Said I❜d Never Tell My Kids To Shut-Up...Until They Started Talking

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

We absolutely LOVE Hurrah For Gin, the hilarious cartoon blog capturing motherhood in its true essence: hair pulling, sticky-fingered, voice-raising chaos.

Check out Katie’s (the genius behind the drawings) latest story on her journey from once upon a time judging mothers who were fed-up with their children’s chatter, to her moments of being completely DONE when her children wouldn’t just SHUT UP!


Remember those pre-baby times when you looked on at other mums being mean to their children in the supermarket with such sadness?


su 1

Source: Hurrah For Gin


Surely those kids would have a much better life with you, listening contently to all their chatter and mutterings.


su 2

Source: Hurrah For Gin


Pre-baby, you dreamed about your future dream-like life with kids where you’d “lie about on top of beautiful sun drenched hills and chat ALL day about EVERYTHING! #blessed”.


su 3

Source: Hurrah For Gin


Finally your very own little boy arrives. You dream of all the silly conversations you’ll have one day. But first comes their first word, which is SURE to be ‘mumma’, right?


su 4

Source: Hurrah For Gin


But FINALLY, he gets it right, and your utopian family adventures chatting on rolling hills until the sun goes down are set to begin.


su 5

Source: Hurrah For Gin


Even though you couldn’t wait for the day to come for him to finally say your name, you didn’t expect him to start saying it quite so frequently….


su 6

Source: Hurrah For Gin


You blinked, and there were suddenly 2 children calling your name. What happened to all the rolling hills?


su 7

Source: Hurrah For Gin


Words became sentences, and those sentences just weren’t as cute and heartwarming as you always dreamed they would be. Sentences like “when are you going to die?” and “Why is purple called purple?”
Hurrah For Gin’s son even came up with this one: “Mummy why do we have feet attached to our legs?”


su 8

Source: Hurrah For Gin


The next thing you know, your children are at school repeating everything you’ve ever said, and getting you into quite a bit of trouble.


su 9

Source: Hurrah For Gin


Somewhere over the course of early motherhood, the talking and chatter became constant and unrelenting. You hide in the bathroom for 5 seconds of peace from the firing away of all those bizarre questions, and even then you aren’t safe.


su 10

Source: Hurrah For Gin


The circular conversations we have with these mini people seem to have no beginning and no end. Are they just saying “mummy” over and over because they know it’s annoying?


su 11

Source: Hurrah For Gin


For all the non-mothers out there- here’s what “mummy” starts to sound like after a while:


su 12

Source: Hurrah For Gin


You think things might turn around if you just get your kids to start calling you something, anything other than “mummy”. Their replacements words aren’t so charming.


su 13

Source: Hurrah For Gin


When you’ve exhausted all other coping mechanisms and you are at the very end of your tether, Hurrah for Gin has a top tip for you: “It’s really simple, you just basically lob a packet of Aldi knockoff chocolate fingers down the bottom of the garden and shut the door. You’re welcome.”


su 14

Source: Hurrah For Gin

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