How To Put A Toddler To Sleep in 100 Easy Steps!

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By Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Any parent knows that the ‘night-night’ routine for a young child can take hours…and hours. Kids have a knack of inventing the most wild excuses as to why they’re just not ready for bed.

Huffington Post’s “How to Put a Toddler to Sleep in 100 Easy Steps”, is absolutely hilarious and 100% spot-on. Here are the first 10 steps – a taster of this long nightly battle.


Tell your child that it’s bed time.


Wait a while for your toddler to stop crying.


Tell them that bedtime is not a punishment.


Explain that bedtime is nothing new.


Explain that, yes, bedtime will be on a nightly basis.

bedtime clock


Calm down your toddler.


Remind them that it’s still bedtime.


Let your toddler know that there’s no name-calling in this house.


Tell your toddler it’s time to go to their bedroom.


Watch your toddler move at a snail’s pace.


And that’s just the beginning! Parents of toddlers, you’re in our prayers! Check out the rest of the Huffington Posts’ article.