How To Keep Kids Safe On The Internet

  • Parents Only

When it comes to technology and the Internet, parenting can feel like an uphill battle. Navigating screen time is one of the newest and most challenging parental issues of our time. Many of us grew up without the Internet, yet denying our children access to it doesn’t seem like an option when even primary schools are incorporating the Internet and the use of electronic devices into the learning curriculum.  

It doesn’t help that there never seems to be a clear answer to any of the questions we find ourselves asking: How young is too young? How much is too much? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? The only thing that is clear amidst all this uncertainty is that rates of Internet use are on the rise. So what should parents do?  

Sometimes, the best offence is a good defence. No matter your stance on screens and technology, you need to ensure that you have safety measures in place for your children so that they’re protected online. Similarly to teaching a child to ride a bike, your approach to cyber safety should include protective gear (such as a helmet) as well as stringent safety rules (stick to the footpath, don’t go too far ahead of me).

Fortunately for parents, the Wangle Family Insites app caters specifically to those needs. The expert minds behind the new cyber safety app include leading childhood medical researchers, Telethon Kids Institute, and globally recognised expert and founder of Cyber Safe Kids, Robyn Treyvaud. The sophisticated software locks to your child’s device and monitors Internet access across all mobile carrier and WiFi networks - not just the one you have at home. The real time analysis feature monitors Internet traffic in real time and sends alerts to your phone the moment a threat is detected. Alerts contain information on the threat identified, relevant research findings and support resources, and suggestions on what to do next.

The true beauty of the app is the fact that it facilitates collaborative, parent-child learning, while also offering that added layer of protection. Online safety software in and of itself is never the whole solution and should only ever be treated as a supplement to parental supervision. While some other cyber safety methods will promote themselves as being the one-size-fits-all answer you’ve been looking for, even the most ironclad Internet filter can predispose your child to harm if they’re not accompanied by communication and guidance.

Wangle Family Insites actively helps parents to get a clear picture of their children’s online habits (without invading their child’s privacy or creating distrust) so that they can proactively manage risk and have honest, informed, and relevant conversations about online safety.

The reality is that our children are growing up in a digitally interconnected world, and the best long-term way to protect your child from online threats is to educate them so that they become empowered to use the Internet responsibly.

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