How to Be the Best Dad Ever

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By Phoebe Ackland & Lisa Wolff, ellaslist

Mums are amazing! At ellaslist, we understand that better than anybody! But dads can be so darn likeable at times, too. In fact at 3am in the morning, our eldest daughter calls for ‘dad’ and won’t stop until Dad, and only dad, goes into her room. (I’m certainly not complaining!) Doyin Richards, a dad writing for Upworthy shares 5 reasons why mums and the kiddies adore our dads.

1. They’re Appreciative…And Actually Show It!

Raising kids is no simple feat. The constant juggling act however, can seem that much sweeter when your man and partner in crime makes the effort to give you a sincere and thoughtful “Thank-you!”. A little appreciation goes a long way. Just when we think nobody notices all those little things we do for our partners and children and we start believing we’re taken for granted, a little appreciation is a lovely reminder that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“It takes so little effort to say thank you, but it has a ridiculously profound impact.”

2. Show a Little Affection

A mushy dad is a well-liked dad! Dads who aren’t afraid to confess their undying love for their little ones, provide endless cuddles and shoulders to cry on are the best kind. They come home from a long day at work and are immediately at the ready to play dolls or super heroes with their kids.

“Nowadays affection is the new toughness.”

daddy cuddles

3. Marsupial Dads

Dads improve their popularity everytime they give mum’s poor back a little break and strap that baby carrier to their chest. Nothing is more adorable than a big, broad man with a baby bundle protectively attached to him. We don’t know who likes it more – the mum or the bub!

“You don’t have to wear babies to be a good dad, but good dads aren’t afraid to try.”

4. Too Cool For School

Likeable dads are never too cool to be silly. They don’t mind acting like a fool if a laugh from your kiddies is the result. A confident, down to earth dad has no problem playing the fairy princess to his fairy queen daughter, or Robin to his son’s Batman. Kids just adore their oversized play mates and mums love watching dad get silly.

"Good dads aren’t “too cool” to do anything for their kids because they understand that making their kids happy is the coolest thing ever."

playing with dad

5. They Volunteer

Really likeable dads don’t have to be nagged into being parents and picking up the slack. Whether that means taking over the cooking duties for the night to give mum a break, tending to a crying baby at all hours of the morning or even just doing ‘dad’ things with a smile, a little initiative makes for one super-liked dad.

“Nobody asked them to do these things. They just do it because they’re good people.”