How Little Aussie LEGO Lovers Are Helping Save Christmas

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In a Christmas unlike any other, many people will be separated from friends and family this year as a result of the long-imposed international border closures and the recent state restrictions. It’s the sad reality of Christmas 2020 style.

But one thing Aussie kids will just not stand being separated from are their presents from Santa. That’s why they have teamed up with one of their favourite toy brands to create the Christmas 2020 Virtual Summit.

Chaired by 12-year-old charity mastermind Jack Berne, the brains behind Fiver for a Farmer, the summit brings together a panel of little leaders who have found ingenious solutions to help Santa deliver presents in a pandemic, all crafted with LEGO.

Representatives from 6 to 13 years old from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth and Auckland are sharing their ideas and harnessing the power of creativity to make sure the magic of Christmas isn't cancelled, and they're calling on kids across the countries to do the same.

13-year-old Oliver constructed a contactless remote-control delivery vehicle for Santa
13-year-old Oliver constructed a contactless remote-control delivery vehicle for Santa

“We’re asking families across both our great nations down under to build their own magical present portals as a solution for Santa to overcome international flight restrictions.” Jack Berne said.

“We were so excited that Santa joined our summit to reassure us that if we built magical portals children on the nice list will still receive presents Christmas morning, saving the festive season and bringing families together.

“We’ve found LEGO products to be the most effective creative tool but for those without this at home, pasta, old buttons and things like pipe cleaners will do the job. That being said, I think it’s important for families to know that it’s creativity, fun and time with those we love that will save Christmas.”

Watch the Christmas 2020 Virtual Summit in action and get your kids inspired to create their own magical present portals. 

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