Fresh Air & Family Bonding At Mowbray Park Farm Stay

Only a 1-hour drive from Sydney, nestled 9km from Picton Village, is Mowbray Park. As a family-owned and operated farm, it offers more than just animals and beautiful countryside. Rich in history, Mowbray Park offers a hands-on farming experience for all ages. With three kids and husband in tow – Toby (11), Lucas (7) and Audrey (3), our two-day stay was jam-packed with plenty to do and see.

Day 1 – Finding Our Farming Feet

Farmer Blair (The Boss) greeted us on arrival and warmly invited us to go down to the BBQ area where tea and coffee are on offer all day. As it was quite chilly when we arrived, Stuart and I enjoyed a cuppa while the kids got right into a game of ping pong.

Day 2 – Full Farming Day

Mowbray Park Farmstay Trail Ride
With so much to see and do—there's certainly no shortage of things to keep you busy at Mowbray! 


Our first morning was full of farming fun from start to finish. The day’s activities included:

  • Wander down to the animal nursery to feed the animals, milk the cow and look for some eggs!
  • Pony rides – for younger kids under 8
  • After ponies, we headed back to the BBQ area and got involved in another activity before going to our lodge for lunch. There are BBQs at each lodge, as well as very functional kitchens!
  • Visit the nursery
  • Whip cracking, throwing a boomerang (and hoping it comes back!)
  • Milking Daisy the cow
  • Hayrides to feed the sheep (tractor not in use during COVID restrictions.)

Other Activities on Offer

Fresh air and family bonding at Mowbray Park Farmstay
As well as farm-related activities, Mowbray offers lots of opportunities to try new things as well! 


  • The Natural Horsemanship Experience is in the afternoon, this is extra and you need to register early to secure a spot. – 8 years and over
  • Horse Trail Rides – 8 years and over
  • Trail bike riding
  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Bushwalking
  • Sports field games
  • BYO push bikes and fishing rods 

What We Loved About Our Farm Stay

Audrey: Feeding the animals and pony rides

Lucas: Pony rides, making new friends

Toby: Feeding the animals

Stuart: Damper cooking over the firepit 

Lenore: Everything is well thought out and family-friendly.

Mowbray Park Farmstays
Reconnect with your family in nature at the beautiful Mowbray Park.


This farm stay was the perfect little getaway for our family for numerous reasons, but here are our top three:

• We told the kids all handheld devices had to be left at home for two days. Were they thrilled about that idea? No way! But they did it, and they didn’t once complain about it while at the farm. It gave them the opportunity to experience a different lifestyle, learn new things and get out in the sunshine. We reconnected by playing board games, reading and sitting down to a meal together.

• There was a real sense of community with other families staying at the same time, sitting down at the same meal times and participating in the same activities. By the end of our stay, the kids all became friends and watched out for each other.

• We loved that every age is catered for and all activities are encouraged. Mowbray Park is a beautiful historic farm with accommodation to suit couples right through to larger groups. The kids are begging us to go back again which is a real endorsement considering technology is taking over from real hands-on experiences. Mowbray Park is one of those holiday gems that promises to bring families back to basics and good old fashioned fun.

Helpful Tips

  • A 2-3 night stay is perfect. Day visits are available or just stay a whole weekend—it's really easy to book online 
  • It's self-catering, which is easy for a couple of nights. The kitchen is great, equipped with everything you need
  • Bring your own linen and towels
  • Pack warm clothes regardless of the season. It is quite chilly in the morning and once the sun sets
  • Allow for a few changes of clothes throughout the day – guaranteed one of the following will happen: (1) Everything will get smoky. (2) There is always one child who will insist on walking through the muddy puddles, not around them
  • The park runs on bore water which is fine for cleaning teeth and having showers but not good to drink. A separate rain-water tap for drinking is also provided. I recommend bringing bottles of water or purchasing during office hours
  • Have ‘down time’ activities on hand – board games, colouring books, DVDs and books to take advantage of the peace and quiet
  • Pack wet weather gear – waterproof jacket and gumboots
  • Scooter the Goat tends to head butt if you get too close – just ask Audrey!
  • It is a working farm so remember to close all gates behind you!

What You Need To Know

Address: 745 Barkers Lodge Road, Picton
Phone: 02 4680 9243
[email protected]
Day Visit Prices: Adults - $50 - Child (2-13)- $35 - no charge for 2 and under

Arrive around 9 to have a cuppa and be ready to go at 9.30 am.

And did you know? They host birthday parties too!

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