First Kid Vs. Second Kid

  • Parents Only

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

The novelty does indeed wear off….here are some of the differences between what it was like when you had your first child, versus your second.

1. You can’t wait till they start talking VS. you hope they never learn

Source: Story of this Anderson Life Facebook

2. A gorgeous nursery VS. wherever there’s some free space

versus Source: The Humor Train Tumblr


3. The Differences in Celebration

A line full of excited, teary people in the waiting room outside your birthing suite, homemade lasagnes, balloons, flowers and gifts galore VS. The sound of crickets….. Do you think they just forgot?



4. The Gender Reveal

Sending blue balloons into the air in front of a group of your closest friends and family VS. blurting it out so people don’t think you’re getting fat.



5. The Differences in Photography

You buy a new camera and each day you take a new photo of your growing bump. You have several photos for each day of babies life not to mention the 1,000s on your mobile phone. Second time round, you’re too busy chasing baby number 1 to take any preggie pics. And there’s those few obligatory snaps at baby number 2’s early milestones. Been there, done that!



Source: Mom Illustrated

6. Baby Proofing

Covering all electrical outlets, removing anything with sharp edges, bubble wrapping virtually the entire house VS. strapping a pillow to the kid and hoping for the best.


Source: someecards

7. Preparation

Days and days of shopping for adorable outfits and carefully selecting vests to match hair bows VS. hand-me-downs or buying whatevers on sale.