Finding Wonder In Everything You Do

Having trouble dragging the kids off the gadgets and out into the backyard? Is the craft box gathering dust because the older kids are too cool for gluing sticks together?We share the same struggles. It is becoming increasingly hard to keep the kids connected with the world outside and entertained at the same time.

We spoke to North Sydney Mum, Caroline (Caro) Webster, a Sydney based freelance writer, author and founder of the award-winning blog Caro & Co on how she believes it is essential to keep kids engaged with the world around them. Caro’s blog provides an insight on how to encourage children to find wonder in all they do while touching upon some of the struggles of raising teens and tweens.

Caro is a mum to two children 14 and 15 and has two older step children as well who have delighted Caro with three adorable grandchildren 2, 5 and 7 who love joining Caro in experimenting with imagination and self-discovery especially by taking the fun outdoors in Sydney and beyond. 

Modern Challenges

What scares and excites you most about parenting in today's world? 

Social media is the one thing that scares me about parenting today.  It can be incredibly isolating for your kids even though they might think they are ‘connected’ and part of a clan.  In fact it’s the opposite.  Whilst it can be fairly tough to police, we have pretty strict rules in our home about its use.  I accept that it is an inevitable part of their lives but we need to ensure that we keep kids connected to their real world every bit as much as their online world.  To help them find a little wonder in all that they do

Finding Wonder In Everyday Life

Caro is a fierce advocate of a child’s right to enjoy regular, unstructured play and experience responsible risk-taking. There is a big focus on outdoor life where imagination and self-discovery lead to spectacular bouts of fun. There are endless ideas for engaging kids with art and craft ideas using found objects, cooking, food sources and sustainability, gardening and animals. We love how Caro’s blog celebrates family in every form. She even made our eyes teary by laying bare the changes a relationship between a teenage son and a mother must undergo. Read here how Caro thinks our love for our children must change as they transition into adulthood. It makes us want to hug our little ones even tighter while we can.

Caro’s Guide To Enjoy The Outdoors In Sydney

Tell us about a secret local gem for kids that more parents should know about? 

North Sydney Library is a fabulous resource for kids.  The Haydn Orpheum cinema in Cremorne also has a mum and bubs session each Tuesday.

Where do you take the kids on a rainy day? 

When they were littler, quite often we would just stay at home and do some craft or art.  I’d advise every new mum to have a box of bits and pieces that can be used in craft activities.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, things like string, sticks, cardboard, shoe boxes, buttons, stickers, old containers, rubber bands and some paint and glitter etc can all be used to great effect!  Keep adding to the box all the time.  Now my children are older, we’ll go to a film or to the art gallery or some other institution when the weather’s inclement.

What is your pick of kid-friendly cafes / restaurants in your area? 

Hmm, all of them really, but when the kids were little I much preferred to pack a bit of fruit and cheese and head to the local park.  North Sydney pool has a good little café and the kids can have a swim too!

What is your favourite family-friendly holiday destination or weekender within driving distance of where you live

Hard for me to answer this one as my kids are older so can go anywhere really and we are also incredibly blessed to have a farm within 3 hours of us so we go there; a LOT!  I’d certainly recommend that people google farm-stays.  There are many fabulous working farms that offer stays so kids get to see a farm in action.  They learn about food and food sources and it offers them a completely different experience to urban life. A weekend in the Blue Mountains is also great!

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