Every Mums❜ Dream Come True- Shoes With Removable Heels

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Imagine transitioning from daytime to nighttime with one pair of shoes, surviving a whole day at the races without going barefoot or lasting an entire mum’s night out without getting sore feet- it’s possible!
Check out the lifesaving invention by German company Mime et Moi.

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A Dream Come True

This awesome invention started on Kickstarter before going solo, and gives wearers 5 different heel heights ranging from flats to stilettos, suitable for pretty much every occasion that could arise. They come in a range of colours from red to dalmation print in a variety of styles, and you can get them online for about AUD$25-300 (not bad for technically 5 pairs of shoes!). Why do we love them? They’re the perfect combination of style, comfort, freedom and versatility that mums desire.

mime et moi range

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