ellaslist Reviews The Art of the Brick: DC Comics at the Powerhouse Museum

By Sarah Stores, ellaslist explorer

If you have a little superhero lover in your house or a Lego lover or, as in our household, a child who speaks about either Lego or superheros all day long then I highly recommend The Art of the Brick: DC Comics, a new exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. I took our Master 4 and Master almost 2 over the weekend and Master 4 is still demanding we go back immediately (this demand was particularly endearing at 3am this morning). But I can see why he was impressed!

Art of the Brick DC Comics exhbition_powerhouse museum

Awe-Inspiring Lego Fun!

After purchasing our tickets at the Museum’s entrance we got side-tracked (like we always do!) by the excellent train selection at the front of the museum. But it wasn’t long before Master 4 was demanding to see the superheros that he was promised. We entered the exhibition which was expertly designed in a series of black, selectively lit rooms.

First we watched a video about the making of these amazing creations. It was a great taster of what was to come but nothing really prepares you for the incredible pieces of art that the Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has created. We walked through a series of rooms each of which had their own theme and each of which was more impressive than the last.

Having spent many an afternoon trying to create something more elaborate than a Lego house I was in awe of the skill and talent that had gone into the creations. My boys were equally impressed and loved seeing all of their favourite superheroes in one place. Each room got bigger and better. I thought the superman room couldn’t be topped until we walked into the Batman room complete with a life size Batman and Batmobile all made of Lego!

Art of the Brick DC Comics exhbition_powerhouse museum 2

Interactive Lego

The exhibition ended with an interactive space where my kids spent a long time building Duplo and then Lego creations. There was also a shop which was a treasure trove of potential Christmas presents (and tantrums…but we managed to hold strong. This time…)

If you can handle the taunts from your kids about why you can’t create such amazing Lego creations for them then I would highly recommend this new exhibition. The rest of the museum is equally fabulous for the kids and the rest of the morning was spent exploring trains, space ships, planes and the excellent Wiggles section.

Art of the Brick DC Comics_powerhouse museum exhibition

What you Need to Know about The Art of the Brick: DC Comics

Ages: All ages
Location: Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007
When: 21 November 2015 – 1 May 2016, 10am – 5pm
Adult – $26.00
Junior (4-16 years)- $16.60
Under 4 – FREE


For more information visit https://maas.museum/powerhouse-museum/, call +61 (02) 9217 0111 or email [email protected]


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