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If you've got LEGO®-loving kids, a trip to the Brickman Cities exhibition at PHIVE Parramatta should definitely be on your to-do list!

To say my three boys (all under 10) were excited when I told them we were going to see an exhibition by their favourite LEGO® artist, Brickman, would be an understatement. 

I was excited, too. I mean, who doesn't love Brickman?  

Visiting PHIVE Parramatta

PHIVE Library - Image via the City of Parramatta.

As well as the exhibition itself, we were all excited to visit PHIVE in Paramatta for the first time.

PHIVE is a brand-new community hub in the heart of Parramatta's CBD. It features six levels of community, cultural and civic spaces, including the new City of Parramatta Library.

PHIVE was designed with contemporary features like balcony shutters that adjust based on the weather forecast. 

We loved the impressive children's space with everything kids could want, from an extensive kid's book collection to Story Times, STEM and coding classes, book clubs, and regular author talks.

PHIVE hosts holiday programs, shows, and kids' activities like discos, LEGO®-based STEM Escape Rooms, and Roblox.

It's such a beautiful building that we would have made the trip to see it even if we weren't going to the Brickman Cities.

All of the displays included a make-your-own option.

The Brickman Cities Exhibition 

You can feel the excitement as soon as you walk in, and your eyes take it all in. The kids were buzzing.

Each display had tables and stools around it so that kids (and adults) could build their own creations using the thousands of LEGO® pieces available - there were over two million pieces in total used throughout the exhibition! 

We all became LEGO® masters!

Mr. Four, Mr. Six and Mr. Eight spotted a Duplo wall and rushed straight over. The wall is where the boys spent most of their time, working hard, creating 3D displays inspired by the LEGO® artwork around them. 

Other stations that excited us included a colouring-in section (for when the kids needed a break from all that building), and an intricate display of Lower Manhattan made entirely out of white LEGO® that had 3D projected stories of New York being cast onto it.

The exhibition featured global landmarks from different historical periods built out of LEGO®. There were displays for London, Tokyo, New York, Dubai and Sydney. 

From the first people of the city to today, the stories were beautiful. 

There was also an area where kids could display their own LEGO® artwork, which was such a nice touch for the very proud little artists to showcase their efforts. 

I really enjoyed reading how many LEGO® pieces were used and how much time it took to build each city model - spoiler, it's a lot and a long time!

We didn't want to leave!

I'd recommend this day out for other families with kids aged four to 14 (and all those aged four to 14 at heart!). It was a fun day for all LEGO® lovers, young and old.

The exhibition is open until 23 April 2023, from 10 am to 4 pm daily.

For more information or to book your ticket today, head to the City of Parramatta website

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