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My appreciation for LEGO® has grown significantly over the years. I used to see these tiny plastic bricks as a household threat. Nothing less than landmines waiting to strike the soles of my feet. 

I wouldn't say I liked seeing millions of pieces spread like confetti throughout the house and hearing the familiar rattle inside my vacuum cleaner tubing, knowing it would take an eternity to unclog my poor machine. 

How about all those family "friends" who gifted your children a mega box filled with several hundred thousand of these tiny pieces? Fortunately, I have recently received a more respectful appreciation of these bricks. Anything keeping your children mentally active and encouraging them to unleash their inner creativity should be applauded. 

LEGO® is the Ying to my Yang, and the LEGO® Brickwrecks exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum (Maritime) is a match made in heaven!

LEGO® Brickwrecks exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum 

LEGO® Masters in training!

My family always has a proper sea adventure at the Maritime. It's perfectly located in one of the most magnificent harbours in the world- Darling Harbour.

Nestled amongst Sydney's cityscape, the Maritime houses some of the most amazing historical artefacts, impressive learning resources and 'must-see' maritime exhibitions. Where else could you explore a replica of James Cook's famous HMB Endeavour or board one of the last gunships, the HMAS Vampire or venture into the secret world of submarines on the HMAS Onslow. But our tale of sunken ships, buried treasure and the Titanic (wait, what?!) doesn't end here.

Our adventures are only just beginning, at 'Brickwrecks Sunken Ships in LEGO® Bricks'. 

Our adventure was just beginning...

The Brickwrecks exhibition is comprised of brick models of real shipwrecks throughout history, such as the Vasa, the HMS Pandora, the Batavia and the RMS Titanic, just to name a few. 

Ryan "The Brickman" McNaught, one of 14 LEGO®-certified professionals worldwide, has created a stunning exhibition, a real feast for your eyes. If you love Channel 9's 'LEGO® Masters Australia' or if there are any budding master builders in your home, then Brickwrecks will have you in awe. 

There is so much to see and explore!

More than 153,000 LEGO® bricks were used and over 1,600 hours were spent meticulously adding intricacies to every nook and cranny of these amazing maritime structures. And any Indiana Jones wannabes will love the 'real' shipwreck artefacts placed throughout the exhibition along with the interactive, hands-on features to keep youngsters busy as they explore.

This exhibition invites you to take a deep dive into the depths of the ocean, it's perfect for the whole family.

This exhibition will keep you and your rug rats on their toes with so many immersive activities, and if creative juices are ignited, why not sit back and watch as your youngsters build to their hearts' content at the create-and-play LEGO® tables? 

Add this one to your list, this exhibition is open until October 2023. 

For more information, or to book your tickets today head to the Brickwrecks event website

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