Dough-Licious! Check Out The Cookie Dough Cafe

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

A Nutella Cafe, a cereal cafe, and a restaurant where you can make your own ice-cream at the table….we’re beginning to think New York City wouldn’t be a bad place to raise kids. At least as Sydney-siders, we’re already used to the sky-high rent.

Well, they’ve given us yet another reason to have us scanning for cheap flights: Cookie DŌ, the cookie-dough cafe that has lines around the block and completely sells out of dough!

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Source: INSIDER Food


Cookie DŌ,  goes through a whopping 453kg of dough per day, over 11 kg of sprinkles, and over 45kg of chocolate chips! The only question remains: cone or cup? This cookie dough is safe to eat raw, made with pasteurised eggs and heat-treated flour. Menu items include milkshakes, fudge, baked cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and of course, cookie dough scooped into either a cup or cone. Dough flavours include red velvet, cake batter, signature choc chip, sugar cookie, brownie batter, peanut butter snickerdoodle, oatmeal M&M and Commando- the plain dough amongst some more deluxe choices.

cookie dough

Dough-verwhelming Support

Company founder Kristen Tomlan took weekly cooking classes and wore out multiple easy-bake ovens as a child. She said: “For me, the best part of making cookies is, and always has been, the pure, dough-ey goodness of the unbaked cookie. There is something undeniable about the smooth, sugary, deliciousness that comes right from the mixing bowl.” She has been overwhelmed with support for this nostalgic-style cafe, whose website, as we write this article, cannot accept online orders due to “overwhelming” demand! We hope one of these makes its way over to Sydney…