Card Games To Play With Kids When You❜re Stuck At Home

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With lots of time spent inside on the horizon, here are some cool card games you can play with the kids—all of which promise to keep them ultra-engaged and the fun factor high!

New Card Games

1. The Epic Fail Game

You need a bag of marshmallows for this one—making it an instant hit in our book!

Age: 5 - 100
Players: 2+

When a card game requires a bag of marshmallows, some spaghetti and a lemon, you know you're in for a good time! This is not your average competitive card game - it's a card game with heart.

This brand new game includes 30 beautifully designed activity cards that get everyone involved in crazy, silly, laugh-out-loud family time. Try drawing with your feet or eating lemons with a straight face! The Epic Fail Game encourages kids - and grown-ups - to have fun for the sake of it, without worrying about failing.

You can play it anywhere, anytime - to fill a few spare minutes or keep the kids entertained for hours! With a mix of Group Play Cards that you do on-the-spot and Brave New Day cards that add a spark to your daily life, this creative game will turn fear of failure on its head.

2. UNO Flip

Uno Flip
Like UNO but with a cool twist, this is a great family-friendly game for slightly older kids.

Age: 7+
Players: 2 - 10

This new version of the classic UNO card game has a fun twist - double-sided cards with a 'light side' for the classic version and a 'dark side' with harsher penalties, and a special Flip card! Play the Flip card and all cards in your hand are flipped over to reveal a whole new set of numbers and colours on the other side! Plus there are new action cards like Draw Five and Skip Everyone.

This fast-paced, matching game is ideal for up to 10 people to play so it's a great one for the whole family - especially if you love a bit of healthy competition. Strategize your gameplay and be the first to get rid of all your cards to win the game. When you're down to your last card, don't forget to shout "UNO!".

3. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal
We can't promise it won't get heated, but we can promise it will be fun!

Age: 8+
Players: 2 - 5

The aim of Monopoly Deal is to collect properties and steal from your opponents! Use Action cards to charge rent, swap cards, demand birthday money and lots more. Make sure you put lots of money into your personal bank and remember other players will steal from you too! The winner is the first person to collect 3 different coloured property sets.

Like any Monopoly game, this can get seriously heated!

Classic Card Games

Kids Card Games
These age-old classics are the perfect ones to introduce to your kids!

1. Snap

Age: 2+
Players: 2+

This is an old favourite around the world, and any old pack of cards will do. You could even play this with coasters or business cards (empty out that handbag!).

Divide the pile in 2 (or the number of players you have) face down. All players turn out their cards at the same time into a pile in front of them. When two cards match, the winner of the hand is the person that yells out “SNAP” as they slam their hands down onto the pile of cards.

Loads of fun for everyone.

2. Go Fish

Age: 4+
Players: 2+

The aim of this game is to get the most number of matches.

Each player is dealt 7 cards each. The rest are placed in a pile face down.

The oldest player goes first by asking their opponent if they have a selected card e.g. “Do you have any 7’s?”. If they do, they must hand them over, if they don’t, they say the words “Go Fish” and the player must pick up a card off the top of the remaining deck.

The winner is the player with the most matches. A match is generally a set of all four suits, though, with younger kids, a pair can make the game a little faster and more fun.

3. Old Maid

Age: 3+
Players 2+

Another classic old favourite.

Use a standard 52 card deck and remove one of the Queens. The aim of this game is to form pairs and the winner will be the person with the most number of pairs who isn’t stuck with the old maid - that is the old Queen card! Essentially, the dealer removes any pairs they have first and puts them aside. They then offer their hand to the player of the left who will select one card from the hand to essentially form their own pair. Then that player offers their hand to the player on their left and the cycle continues until a winner is found.

4. (Gin) Rummy

Age: 4+
Players: 2-6

This is one that's lots of fun for the whole family.

Each player is dealt around 7 cards, the rest are placed in a pile in the centre with the top card face up. Each player then takes a turn to either draw one for the pile mentioned above or a “discard pile” that forms as the game begins.

The winner is the player with the most amount of points. For more detailed instructions, click here.

Thanks to Hasbro: This article is brought to you in partnership with Hasbro Gaming, our Supporting Brand Partner for the Unplug & Play Initiative.

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