Best Teepee Slumber Parties In Sydney

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Sleepovers and slumber parties are a time-honoured bonding activity that kids adore the world over. The late bedtime! The midnight feasts! The waking up together and continuing the festivities! 

The simplicity of a slumber party is pretty hard to beat—and luckily for you, there is a range of Sydney-based companies that do all of the hard work for you, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger. The set-up, styling, decorating, and the next day picks up are all covered; meaning all that’s left to do is make some seriously fun memories that will last the year and beyond.

Here are the best slumber parties in Sydney.

1. Angel’s Teepees

Angels Teepees
What slumber party fan wouldn't love this gorgeous setup?

Offering a unique, magical and all-around unforgettable party for your child, Angel’s Teepees aim to bring back the beauty, simplicity and happiness of a classic party—and take the stress out of organising it for the parents!

The slumber party concept centres around the teepees; which provide a playful, comfortable, creative, cute and fun space for the little ones to imagine and play. Angel’s Teepees offer different party packages to suit your budget—giving you the option to build your party as you like; including a party planner, different kinds of teepees setups, cakes, midnight snacks, gift bags, activities, party helpers and much more.

With themes ranging from Star Wars, Minecraft, and Safari to Magic Unicorn, Rag Dolls and Boho Chic, there’s a party to suit every child at Angel’s Teepees!

2. Slumber Club

Slumber Club Best Slumber Parties In Sydney
Covering every base so you don't have to, Slumber Club is a one-stop-shop to sleepover success.

Revolving around their gorgeous teepees, Slumber Club was created for little people with big dreams. The Slumber Club team set up and style your selected teepee collection, complete with mattresses, sheets, blankets and accessories to ensure you and your campers have everything you need to get you through the night. To wrap it up, they come back the next day (with a coffee for parents in hand!) to take it all away.

There is a huge range of themes to choose from for boys and girls alike, from the boho and ethereal to the bright and busy—meaning your little one can pick depending on their personality.

3. Buone Notti Glamping Parties

Buone Notti
Buone Notti offers the ULTIMATE outdoor glamping party in your own backyard.

The easiest sleepover you'll ever host and the perfect birthday party pick, ​Buone Notti Glamping Parties provide all bedding and linen with high-quality mattresses (no blow-up mattresses here!)—literally, all you need is a backyard! Kids will love the adventure of sleeping outdoors, and parents will feel safe in the knowledge that they're safe and comfortable. 

Colour schemes are flexible so can be customised to suit any theme—and free delivery and set-up is included in most areas in the Sydney region. Happy glamping, everyone!​

4. Teepee Nights

Teepee Nights
Offering beautiful set ups with tonnes of customisable options, Teepee Nights promise plenty of fun!

Offering both single and double teepees, Teepee Nights have a range of packages available to cater to the needs of your party. They deliver, assemble and style your chosen Teepees, beautifully decorated with bedding, bunting, cushions, fairy lights and rugs before your guests arrive on the day of your sleepover. And when you’ve finished, they come back the next day to pack it all up—leaving you with only happy memories!

Teepee Nights also offer a range of add-ons, including beauty packs, glow-in-the-dark packs, pillow art packs, dreamcatcher packs and lolly jars—meaning that everything is covered and the parents can simply sit back and relax.

5. Happy Camper Sleepover Parties

Happy Camper Sleepover Parties
With plenty of designs to pick from, Happy Camper Sleepover Parties are a great time waiting to happen.

Whatever vibe you’re going for, Happy Camper Sleepover Parties offer a range of fun designs to create the perfect style for your child’s celebration. 

There’s Bollywood, Summer Vibes, Into The Wild themes and a whole lot more to choose from, each package including teepees, foam mattresses, fitted sheets, snuggly blankets, decorative cushions, styling pieces, lights and lanterns. All that’s left for you to do is provide the snacks and activities!

6. Sweet Tribe of Mine

Best Slumber Parties in Sydney
With a DIY package on offer, Sweet Tribe of Mine is an affordable option if you're willing to do some of the fetching and carrying!

Adventure awaits in the comfort of your own home! Based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Sweet Tribe of Mine deliver, assemble and style your perfect party—before packing and collecting everything the next day. Simply choose from their epic range of themes and packages, then let them bring the party to your door. 

Alternatively, their DIY package offers an affordable new sleepover option—where you collect everything you need for your sleepover ready to assemble at home. It's the perfect option for parents who love party planning and fun for older kids to build their own adventure!

7. Dreamyland Sleepovers

Dreamyland Sleepovers
Offering plenty of themes for girls and boys, a Dreamyland sleepover is sure to be one to remember!

Dreamyland promises to transform your indoor or outdoor space and take your child's sleepover party from ordinary to extraordinary! Their teepee party hire packages include everything you need to take the stress out of hosting a kids sleepover party—including delivery, set up and styling and the dreaded pack-up!

They have a wide range of themes to choose from and all of the packages include Sydney's largest sized teepee tents, air mattresses (even suitable for adults!), bedding, rugs, fairy lights and various decorative pieces to create the ultimate sleepover party.

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