The Best Ramen in Melbourne

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Seriously, a steaming hot bowl of ramen in Melbourne just makes life a little bit more enjoyable, doesn't it?

Ramen in Melbourne has been happening for quite some time, so if you haven't popped into any of these restaurants, it's high time you got your slurp on - we know you'll enjoy every minute!

Where to go for a delicious bowl of ramen? Why, we're so glad you asked.

The Best Ramen in Melbourne

1. Dojo Ramen Bar

The best ramen in Melbourne
Dojo Ramen Bar, Melbourne

If you can get past the deep-fried cheesy spring rolls on the menu (actually, don't get past them, order them!), there is a bowl of ramen for every single need here at Dojo Ramen Bar, plus, there are quirky cartoons, video games, and manga kitsch over every available surface to really get you in the vibe!

Vegans are super-well catered for, with some of the best vegan-friendly ramen to be seen outside of Japan. Four options on their menu include spicy, miso, shoyu, and the nut-milky veggie original, thick with noodles, secret veggie stock, exceptional tare and a shallot/nori mix.

Traditional ramen will see you slurping down bowls of chilli miso, shoyu, shio, and sesame paste chilli bean tare ramen chock full of dojo broth, ajitama egg, and big chunks of pork.  - yum!

Location: 333 High St, Northcote

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2. Misoya Sake Bar

Misoya Sake Bar
Misoya Sake Bar

Another fantastic spot for some of the best ramen in Melbourne with awesome vegan options as well as meatier mains, Misoya Sake Bar is an excellent choice if you're in or around Brunswick and need to get your paws an authentic bowl of ramen.

Choose from Misoya Special Ramen with slow-cooked pork belly in a chicken-based soup, topped with cabbage, bean shoots and tomato. Vege Miso Ramen comes with egg noodles, corn, tomato and green beans (hot tip: get the butter and an egg on top). The vegan option is Vege Miso with rice noodles, and for our gluten-free friends, you can get rice noodles in any ramen, or the gluten-free Shio Ramen, which comes with a chicken soup seasoned with fish and kelp salt.

The menu is quite extensive and runs from agedashi tofu (for three bucks!) and tori karage to yakisoba, curry don, and gyoza.

Location: 165A Sydney Rd, Brunswick

3. Little Ramen Bar

Little Ramen Bar Melbourne
Little Ramen Bar, Melbourne

And when we say "little", we mean little! A tiny spot not unlike traditional ramen bars up and down Japan, this wee space packs a big flavour punch. You absolutely cannot go wrong at Little Ramen Bar, with one of the most extensive ramen menus you can get for such a teeny-tiny establishment.

Highlights on the menu include their garlic Shio ramen, and vegetarian ramen (with Miso, spices, beansprouts, and the traditional seasoned egg). Plus, we have to make an honourable mention of their Shoyu ramen, which is their special Tokyo-style soy and clear chicken broth served with beansprouts, seaweed, bamboo shoots, spring onions, BBQ pork and a happy fish cake slice.

Location: 369 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

4. Hakata Gensuke

Bowl of ramen noodles
Hakata Gensuke

Branded as having the best ramen in Melbourne, you're sure to get the perfect bowl of ramen for all your ramen needs at Hakata Gensuke. Plus, they've got multiple locations across Melbourne, so there's no missing out!

Straight out of Fukuoka, where Tonkotsu (pork bone base) ramen was first invented in Japan, you really can't go past their Signature Tonkotsu Ramen, featuring homemade thin noodles (created with care in a temperature-controlled room) with tender pork cha-shu, black fungus and spring onions. Of course, there's Black Tonkotsu, the mega-hot "God Fire", and Shio versions as well.

Locations: Multiple across Melbourne - visit the website to find a Hakata Gensuke near you.

5. Gogyo

The best ramen in Melbourne
Gogyo serves some of the best ramen in Melbourne.

Chic interiors are matched with equally chic ramen noodles at the always-popular Gogyo in Brunswick.

If the name sounds familiar, that's because Gogyo is the sister chain of the burgeoning Ippudo restaurant chain. Not only does Gogyo serve some of the best ramen in Melbourne, but also some of the best bento going around! Some of the best Japanese food in general, really. It's such a Melbourne standout.

Don't be fooled by the menu - it sounds simple, but the flavours are absolutely not!

6. Shujinko

Shujinko Melbourne
Shujinko ramen noodles.

The ramen options are endless on the Shujinko menu and just wait until you taste the flavours!

Choose from the signature Shujinko ramen filled with spring onion, bok choy, beansprouts, marinated egg and grilled pork belly in a tonkotsu (pork) broth. Or opt for the Black Ramen with spicy sauce, Tsukemen (where the broth and noodles are served separately), Karakuchi Ramen, the seafood-filled Yaki Ramen, Hiyashi Tantanmen (a peanut and sesame-based soup served cold), Salad Ramen, or Vegetable Ramen, complete with veggies and mushroom in a soy-based soup - s much yum!

Locations: Multiple across the city - visit the website to find a Shujinko near you.

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