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By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist

Whether you're after some comedy, culture, a boogie or something more insightful, there's something for everyone at this year's jam-packed Fringe Festival, where our city will be brought to life. Running from 31 August through to 30 September 2018, here are our top picks big kids, little kids, the family or a kid-free night out! 

Magic Show - Why Kids are Smarter than Adults!

Prepare for a side-splitting show that will have you and the kids alike in hysterics, without falling short on educational and inspirational messages from the fabulous presenter Trace Of Magic. Awarded Most Popular Show of the Year at The Melbourne Magic Festival in 2016, here your little one will learn of their unique qualities they are privileged to in childhood, while mums and dads are encouraged to reconnect with their inner child. 

When: 29-30 September 2018 
Where: Ultimo Community Centre, 40 William Henry Street, Ultimo
How Much? $17/child (plus $4.43 booking fee), $24/adult (plus $4.57 booking fee)

Destructive Steps X

Australia's biggest street dance festival, here you'll be in awe of the best street dancers across the globe battling it out. There'll be B-boys and B-girls, Poppers, Lockers and more, complete with live DJ-ing throughout. 

Destructive Steps X is so family-friendly that there'll even be special kids battles on 2 September, plus dance workshops for kids - one of the teachers will be Popin Pete, who choreographed for Michael Jackson! 

When: 31 August-2 September 2018 
Where: Ultimo Community Centre, 40 William Henry Street, Ultimo
How Much? $40/person (plus a $4.90 booking fee) 

The Beanies EGG-strodinary Day

Little lovers of The Beanies will be stoked to see Laura, Mim and Michael Beanie and their imagination adventures in real life, on stage! Prepare to do The Silly Dance, Zigzag Stomp and all the other Beanie moves!

Will the Beanies each manage to care for an egg for an entire day? And the big questions: "Will Laura Beanie's egg hatch into a puppy? Will Mim Beanie's egg be smart enough for the 'egg-celerator' program? and will Michael Beanie's egg eat spaghetti? There is only one way to find out!"

When: 29-30 September 2018, 11am (50 minute show) 
Where: Dance Hub, PACT Centre, 107 Railway Parade Erskineville Ul
How Much? FREE for kids 2 and under 

Kids' Parkour Workshop 

For budding acrobats! An obstacle course straight from the highly successful Barangaroo school holiday program, here Legs On The Wall led by professional parkourists Johnas Liu will be running a kids workshop for 9-15 year-olds on all things physical floor training, freerunning and parkour techniques and tricks.

When: 26 September, 4.30pm and 27 September, 4pm (60 minute workshop) 
Where: Bat And Ball, 495 Cleveland St, Redfern 
How Much? $20/child (plus a $4.49 booking fee) 

10 Comedians For $25

If you're umming and aahing about which comedy show to go see at Fringe, this one is for you! The perfect date night/girls night out, and you're sure to find a handful of comedians you'll love with the diverse range performing over two hilarious hours. This one has been a sellout for the last few years so grab tix quick! 

When: 1-15 September 2018 with a 7, 7.30 or 9.30pm start 
Where: Bat And Ball, 495 Cleveland St, Redfern 
How Much? $25/adult (plus a $4.90 booking fee) 


Part animation, part doco and part stand up, this internationally-acclaimed and award-winning piece, although tender and moving is peppered with laughter. One to see with the girls, join a modern Irish women "looking down the barrel of her final fertile years" as she seeks to uncover the ifs, whys and hows of her fertility, "a light-hearted but unflinching look at one of life's most compelling dilemmas," Fringe says.  

When: 11-15 September 2018, 7pm (1 hour show)
Where: Archie Rose Touring Hub, Old 505 Theatre 
How Much? $24/adult (plus a $4.57 booking fee) 

Breakup (We Need To Talk)

A 'durational' work handpicked from the Edinburgh Fringe, walk in and out of this performance as you please while Binge Culture start a new relationship, and gradually, tragically, bring it to an end...expect "desperation, negotiation, devastation and emotional blackmail" in this unique, bizarre and perhaps dejavu performance experience that the audience can themselves immerselves in. 

When: 25 September 8.30pm, 26 September, 8.30pm
Where: Touring Hub, Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza St, Newtown 
How Much? $20/adult (plus a $4.49 booking fee) 


Here you'll meet the Baby Girls, failed Kiwi pop trio turned professional clowns, who have turned their hilarious lives into an crack-you-up comedy. If you're in need of a good laugh, this one's for you and the girls. 

When: 27 September 8.30pm, 29 September, 9.30pm
Where: Touring Hub, Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza St, Newtown 
How Much? $23/adult (plus a $4.55 booking fee) 

For the full program and to buy tickets, visit the Sydney Fringe Festival website. 


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