Babies With the Most Funny & Amazing Hair

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By: Serina Hajje, ellaslist

It’s rare to see little babies with a full head of hair. These mums have shared beautiful baby photos of the most amazing hair styles!

BoredPanda dug up lots of funny hairstyles, and we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 (which was really hard to do).

1. What A Darling Wave!

funny-hairy-babies-alowranceSource: alowrance



2. Gorgeous Locks, But The Smile Melts Your Heart

funny-hairy-babies_david kaplanSource: David Kaplan




3. We Think We’ve Found Elsa’s Sibling

funny-hairy-babies_fruityloops17Source: fruityloops17



4. Look At That Sleekness

funny-hairy-babies-yessumbeesunshineSource: yessumbeesunshine




5. Straight Out Of A Fantasy World

funny-hairy-babies_redditSource: reddit




6. You Could Surf On These Waves!

funny-hairy-babies-hannah taylorSource: Hannah Taylor



7. Those Cheeks and Hair!

funny-hairy-babies-ckim39Source: ckim39




8. Ringlets!

funny-hairy-babies-evelynossoSource: evelynossso




9. Hands Down, THE Hair Boss

funny-hairy-babies_iamhairbossSource: iamhairboss




10. Is Anyone Getting Justin Beiber Vibes?

funny-hairy-babies-jppilates1Source: jppilates1



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