Amazing Halloween Pumpkins To Inspire Your Carved Creations!

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It’s the Halloween tradition creative crafty types love to make an effort with. Taking a sharp knife and carving into a pumpkin to create a masterpiece that will have any onlooker ooohing and aaahing as it flickers to life after dusk.

If you’re looking for inspirational carved Halloween pumpkins to encourage your creations this year, we’ve done the hard work for you and trawled the web to find these awesome, weird and downright wonderful handiworks.

Now let’s get carving shall we!

1. The Smiley Face Pumpkin

This little guy has a stonking set of teeth on him!

big-smiley-face-with-teeth-pumpkin 700x700

Credit: Philip Hay

2. The Pumpkin Predator

Eeek! OK, so it looks a little complex but this alien-looking encounter is guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of every passer-by!

predator-pumpkin-carving-ray-villafane 700x700

Credit: Ray Villafane

3. Happy Halloween Pumpkin

A somewhat traditional masterpiece which requires a steady hand.

happy-halloween-pumpkin 700x700

Credit: Yosheepy

4. The Haunted House Pumpkin

Another intricate creation which will look spectacular lit up.

The Haunted House Pumpkin 700x700

Credit: Weirdal

5. Big Scary Smiling Pumpkin

For relative novice carvers, this one looks fairly simple yet impressive.

big-scary-smile-pumpkin 700x700

Credit: Chelsea Dagger

6. Spewing Pumpkin

Eeew! It’s not pretty but it’ll get a reaction that’s for sure!

Spewing Pumpkin 700x700

Credit: CarrieB

7. Super Pumpman

Everyone knows a Super-Hero fan. They’ll love this creation.

Super Pumpman 700x700

Credit: Randy Cox

8. Darth Vader Pumpkin

May the force be with you if you attempt this one!

Darth Vader Pumpkin 700x700

Credit: Kevin G

9. The Scariest Pumpkin Ever

Say no more ...

The Trumpkin 700x700

Credit: Harpermatt


10. LEGO Pumpkin

If you have no pumpkin to hand but a box of orange LEGO, this one’s for you.

lego-pumpkin 700x700

Credit: Gizmodo 


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