10 Reasons You Need To Get Your Child A Dog

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

They’re known for being man’s best friend, but these photos (thanks to Bored Panda) prove just how well children and their pet dogs go together. From adventuring in the garden to snuggling up for a nap, here are 10 reasons why you need to go and get your child the dog they’ve always dreamed of and won’t stop begging for.

1. Budding Little Doctors Can Practise On Their Furry Companion

We just love his face- you can tell he’s putting up with it just for her.


nurse dog

Source: Vin J.

2. Your Baby Will Have It’s Own Security Guard From Day One

No creature is more protective than a dog who has watched your child grow.


protective dog

Source: grin660/Imgur

3. You Can Dress Them The Same

If you wanted twins but never had them, why not get a dog instead?!



Source: Jake Olson Studios

4. You Won’t Need To Buy Any Teddy Bears

When you open your home to a dog, you give your child their own living, breathing teddy bear to snuggle with at nap time.


nap time

Source: Viktorija G.

5. They Can Help Swaddle

Who knows, they might even learn to help you out with a few baby duties.



Source: banpei/Imgur

6. You’ll Never Need To Bathe Your Child Again

Mouths and hands sticky with peanut butter? Let the dog look after it.


dog lick

Source: Lindsey Ocker Photography

7. Mess and Mischief

Naughty children may as well be getting into mess and mischief with a pal by their side.


Source: Stachova Eva

8. You Can Bathe Them At The Same Time

Just mind the wet dog smell!



Source: Kevin Duffy

9. You Don’t Have To Buy A Cot

There will be no need for cots if you have a big, furry dog to rest your baby on!


head rest

Source: Arshem/Imgur

10. They Can Keep Each Other Warm

They can cuddle up in Winter, and it may even warm your heart to watch them.


warm puppy

Source: Elena Shumilova

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