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Are you looking for a fun fuelled challenge and a adrenaline rush? Dare to push your wits to their very limits?

Put your intelligence to the test at Rush Escape Game – the most exciting escape room Melbourne has to offer.

Strap yourself in for an action-packed hour of IQ busting, brain boggling puzzles and mind games, using your skills to break out from a diverse range of rooms.

Get together with your best and brightest friends, lock yourself in, and try your best to beat Melbourne’s ultimate test. Do you think your team can smash time challenges as you try and escape before time runs out?

Rush Escape Goals

Inspired by True and Fictional Stories their aim is to create a live escape room you will not forget.

These experiences are for people who love a great challenge. You and your friends are locked in an immersive environment with only 60 minutes to find your way out. As we deliberately focus on maximising fun, playing this game feels even more exciting and engaging as you realise that NO ONE ESCAPES ALONE - this means you will need to work together as a team to overcome all of the challenges.  Co-operation, critical thinking, pattern recognition and fast decision making will be required, and before you know it, your primal survival and problem solving instincts will surface to help solve unusual puzzles, uncover clues, keys and codes with the ultimate aim of escaping.

The goal for every player of the escape game is to feel the RUSH of escaping - others would refer to this experience as "being in the zone" while researchers call it "flow".  At the peak of this state you will feel great and perform at your best, action and awareness merge, time flies and self vanishes. If you have ever been involved in an activity or project where everything else was forgotten, then you will be familiar with this state.

How to feel the Rush

Choose your Escape Game

Home to one of the most creative selections of escape rooms in Melbourne, we play home to a series of eigh different themes where your imagination can run wild. Can you match the might of King Arthur in The Last Knight Rises? How would you know the difference from a dream world and the real world in The Matrix: Loaded? Do you have what it takes to become a 00 agent in Secret Agent Man? Or will you choose one of the other rooms such as Its Nightmare, Monsterz Ink, Cluemanji, or hackSAW?

With plenty of themes to choose from, the only thing you need to worry about is coming up with a team who can help you unravel riddles, crack cases and sleuth solutions in the most daring escape room Melbourne wide.

A Transformative Team Building Adventure

Every player should feel both the pressure and the pleasure of working towards an escape, resulting in a mental state where your awareness sharpens and your comprehension turns unstoppable. You’ll soon learn that nobody escapes alone, so you’ll need to communicate and actively work with your team to overcome all the challenges put in front of you. Through cooperation, problem-solving, critical decision making and a touch of instinctive drive, you’ll crack codes, discover clues and tap into a part of your mentality you might not have known was there. It’s more than just a challenge, it’s the ultimate in intellectual recreation.

Corporate Functions/Birthday Parties

If you’re stuck for ideas for new and fun corporate functions, birthdays or just want to try it with your friends to see what all the hype is about, get in touch today. We’ll provide you with an exhilarating experience, unlike any other escape room Melbourne has to offer. Choose your team, your location, your theme and your date and time and keep booking identification handy when you arrive on the big day – then we’ll send you on your way to solve mysteries like no other. If you’re thinking about birthday gifts – we can provide vouchers for you and your loved ones, and children under 16 are welcome (with adult supervision).

Gift Vouchers

Rush Escape Game Gift Voucher makes a great gift idea for a person who thrives on the thrill of adventure or someone who well, simply has everything.  

If you are seeking to BUY a gift voucher, simply click on the button for the venue you are after, and you will be redirected to the section of our website where you can make your selections for your gift voucher purchase.


South Yarra - 160 Toorak Road (access to the venue is via 147 Osborne Street), South Yarra, Melbourne - Games at South Yarra ITS NIGHTMARE, MONSTERZ, SECRET AGENT MAN, THE MATRIX: LOADED, CLUEMANJI, LAST KNIGHT RISES

Hawthorn - 606 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne - Games at Hawthorn HACKSAW, STRANGEST THING, THE NINE-NINE

St Kilda - Level 1, 100 Barkly Street, St Kilda, Melbourne - Games at St Kilda EVIL RESIDENTS, ALICE: DARKNESS RETURNS, PIRATES


For more information and to book please see Rush Escape Game.

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