BOUNCE Melbourne Trampoline Park

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Immerse yourself in the high-energy, gravity-defying fun at BOUNCE Melbourne, the ultimate destination for those looking to unleash their inner free spirit. Located in the vibrant heart of Melbourne, this trampoline park and activity hub is an exhilarating haven for fun-seekers of all ages, featuring a range of activities designed to thrill and entertain.

BOUNCE Melbourne Trampoline Park

With its dynamic atmosphere and diverse range of attractions, BOUNCE Melbourne is your perfect choice for a memorable and exciting outing. Each activity at BOUNCE is tailored to maximize both fun and physical fitness across every age and skill level.

Activities for Everyone

X-Park and X-Run: Challenge yourself in the ultimate adventure courses combining parkour, free-running, and obstacle racing, perfect for those who crave speed and agility.

MiniBOUNCE Zone: Specially designed for the little ones, this zone provides a safe and exhilarating environment for children under 110cm to explore and play.

Bounce MiniBOUNCE Zone
A separate area for little ones to bounce around in!


The Wall and Wall Climb: Merge the excitement of climbing with bouncing for an unmatched vertical challenge that tests your limits and boosts your adrenaline.

Big Bag, Cliff Jump, and Dodgeball: Aim high and jump into fun with activities designed to let you safely perform aerial stunts or engage in high-energy dodgeball games.

Jumping at bounce
Jumping at great heights with a safe and soft landing!


High-Performance Area: For serious athletes and enthusiasts looking to refine their skills, this area offers the space to practice and excel at complex aerial maneuvers.

Free Jump Arena: A sprawling network of interconnected trampolines that invites you to jump freely, enhancing both your physical fitness and freestyle skills.

BOUNCE Melbourne Parties and Events

BOUNCE Melbourne also offers a variety of party packages, from vibrant birthday parties for young children to more autonomous celebrations for teens. Each party is expertly hosted to provide a seamless and exciting experience, ensuring every guest leaves with a smile.

Health & Safety and Inclusivity

The health and safety of guests are paramount at BOUNCE Melbourne. With rigorous safety policies and dedicated COVID-19 precautions, they ensure a secure environment for all visitors. Their commitment to inclusivity allows guests of all abilities to enjoy all the facilities, with accessible options and special accommodations readily available.

Opening Times & Pricing

BOUNCE Melbourne operates seven days a week, offering flexible hours and various pricing options to accommodate different groups and family sizes. Detailed visitor information is available on the website.

BOUNCE Melbourne Locations

Blackburn: 22 Joseph Street
Essendon Fields: Hangar 4, 236 Wirraway Rd
Glen Iris: 2 Weir Street
Geelong: 3/174 Torquay Road, Grovedale
Heidelberg: 590 Waterdale Road
Keysborough: 1 Fiveways Boulevard
Wodonga: 5/2 Romet Road, West Wodonga

Ready to jump into fun? Visit BOUNCE Melbourne today for an action-packed experience that elevates both spirit and health.

For more details or to book your next adventure, head over to the official website at BOUNCE INC.