Science on the Move to Phillip Island 

  • Fri Nov 09 2018 - Mon Jan 28 2019
  • Kids
  •  Free with a 4 Parks Pass or Antarctic Journey entry ticket

Engage both your body and your mind on Phillip Island this summer as Questacon’s Science on the Move exhibition challenges visitors to discover principles of light; music and sound; human biology; ecology and the environment, and so much more.

The aptly named Lab in the Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies will play host to an intriguing collection of 35 hands-on experiences across 23 separate exhibits that will engage the mind and body in all things science.

Science on the Move explores key themes such as physics and biology, allowing visitors to determine the balance point of different shaped rods and everyday items like a broom, or lift blocks to gauge how heavy the blocks would feel on other planets in the Solar System.

Experiment with sound by hitting pipes of varying lengths with a rubber thong to play a tune, or make music using a row of bottles filled with different volumes of water and air, to produce different pitched sounds. Crank up a tornado in a bottle, escape from handcuffs, predict the outcome of chaos, build a food chain, measure your fitness and much, much more.

With a range of different puzzles, visitors can also showcase their problem solving skills as they try to balance six loose sticks in mid-air on top of an upright stick, and work with space to manoeuvre four identical spaces into three.

Suitable for ages eight and up, but with topics of varying complexity, Science on the Move will engage all ages about the wonders of science, and make an already incredible visit to the Antarctic Journey even more rewarding.

Image Credit: Phillip Island Nature Parks Facebook