Rain Room At Jackalope Pavilion Melbourne

  • Sat Dec 05 - Thu Dec 31 2020
  • Family
    All Ages
  • From: $18.90

After a brief, Covid-style hiatus, the immersive experience of very rainy proportions is back again begging the question, why does it always rain on me? It's because you're experiencing Random International's immersive, ethereal installation Rain Room, that's why.  

A 100 square metre field of continuous rainfall, Rain Room invites you to become fully immersed in the rain while simultaneously being protected from it. The millions of water droplets respond to your presence by ceasing to fall wherever you move as you navigate the space.

Through Rain Room, Random International seeks to explore how human relationships to each other and to nature are increasingly mediated through technology.

When:       5 December to 31 December 2020
Where:     Jackalope Pavilion, St Kilda,
Cost:        Adults $31.10; Children (three to 17 years, inclusive) $18.90, Family (two adults, two children) $88.70; Children under two are free

Rain Room tickets on sale now!

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