M Ball

  • Fri Sep 28 - Sat Sep 29 2018
  • Preschoolers
  • $0.00

Representatives from Planet ZyGort are travelling to Earth to promote their home planet’s most popular sport, m-ball.

m-ball is oddly familiar to human eyes - the ball is large and round and behaves much like an Earth ball, but when players move the ball, it makes magical music. On Melbourne's Grand Final weekend, discover ZyGort's popular sound-sport and become an instant, musical, sporting maestro.

m-ball is a free-play, interactive, musical instrument for both children 2+ and adults. Presented as a large inflatable ball and accompanied by live performers, participants are invited to interact and play m-ball together to create evolving soundscapes. m-ball encourages us to explore, discover, observe and share in the relationships between movement, music, play and sound.

m-ball will be on the grass outside Artplay at Birrarung Marr (or inside Artplay in inclement weather).

11am and 1pm.