Nutty Scientists - Fun with Science (3-16 years)

Since 1996, children around the world have benefited from the Nutty Scientists® method for learning through experimentation, participation, and most of all – fun!

Nutty Scientists: April Holiday Program

Nutty Scientists® Melbourne Holiday Workshops are an innovative form of “edutainment” (education + entertainment). Combining fun with learning, each workshop contains an educational theme such as Physics, Chemistry or Outer Space, which keeps children engaged from day to day. One new theme is learned each day, and all activities are related to this theme. 

Where:   Aspendale Gardens Community Centre, Recwest Footscray and Syndal South Primary School, Mt Waverley
When:    7 - 8 April 2021 (Aspendale), 9 April (Footscray) and 14 - 15 April (Mt Waverley)

Spaces are limited so please click here for more details and registration information.

After School Programs

Nutty Scientists® After School Programs in Melbourne are available to public and private schools, as well as associations. These popular hands-on activities offer a great learning value and encourage the active participation of children. Workshops cover topics such as chemical reactions, light in action, acid and bases, playing with the Van de Graaff, trips to the planets, density of matter, good vibrations and much more. For further information, visit the website.

Camps / Holiday Programs 

Nutty Scientists® Melbourne Camps are an innovative form of “edutainment” (entertainment + education). Combining fun with learning, their interactive, engaging and hands-on holiday workshops/camps, feature a variety of experiments on different scientific concepts. For bookings and more information about their upcoming holiday programs, please click HERE.

In Class Workshops

Nutty Scientists® curriculum incorporates science and technology to enhance the cohesiveness of their Melbourne students’ science education. The workshops are organised based on student’s age starting from “Little Scientists” to “Scientific Experts.” 

Birthday Parties

Nutty Scientists® offers scientific shows as an entertainment service for parties and celebrations in Melbourne. Forget the worn out clowns and superheroes, Nutty Scientist offers guests an exciting and participatory activity that will teach them something valuable! The combination of fun, theatre and education makes these shows an unforgettable experience for all children.

Birthday party topics include The Castaway, The Ice Age, Fun Mission to Space, Halloween, The Scientific Spa, Harry Potter Potions, Pokemon, Star Wars and Dinosaurs.

Awareness Campaigns / Corporate Workshops

For many years, Nutty Scientists® has been developing and designing campaigns that focus on bringing awareness to important health and environmental issues. These campaigns will help children in Melbourne be more conscious and appreciative of the environment and the world they live in. They have created campaigns and workshops for classrooms and global corporates alike!  

For more information, call 0459 533 244 or visit the website.


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