Little Yogis and Co: Promotes Healthy, Productive and Meaningful Lives

Little Yogis and Co’s passion and want is for the little yogis to live healthy, productive and meaningful lives with a sense of inner contentment. Children are born living from their hearts. Nurturing the little yogis to live and lead throughout their lives from their hearts. They will create a positive fun, open space program to introduce young children to mindfulness and holistic experiences.

Holistic Educational experiences meets the individual yogi to where he/she is and addressing little yogis’ unique spirit. 

  • They will provide little yogis tools from an early age to use throughout their lives to connect in within themselves, sprout with their learning, grow and bloom in all areas of their lives.
  • They provide a program that gives therapeutic interactions with their staff and developing little yogi.
  • They will provide experiences in self-awareness, building resilience and body control.

Little Yogis and Co will introduce new patterns of behaviour that will over time replace the old ones and help little yogis feel free, authentic and motivated about their dreams and their lives.

Little Yogis and Co is designed around 4 values:

  1. Connect
  2. Sprout
  3. Grow 
  4. Bloom

These values represent each stage of the Little Yogis and Co Program. For more information about these values, click HERE

Holistic Educational Offering
Their offering is designed for fun, enhancing children’s creativity and flexibility to support needs of the individuals present and capture their attention in a meaningful, entertaining and educational manner.

The children will explore mindfulness, learn age-appropriate music exercises, empowerment techniques, art and creative therapies. The yoga teachers will interact with each child as an individual, and work therapeutically with the growing and developing yogi's. The offering runs for 45 minutes once a week during the school term.

They have a maximum of 12 children per session to enable individualised and personalised attention for each of the little yogis.

Specialised Offering
Little Yogis and Co can tailor a program that is designed to support you. They offer programs in preschools, long day care, family day care and in schools (all levels). They have a special offering for students in teenage years and VCE. They will run the offering in your space and a time that suits you with their trained yoga teachers.

One on One Sessions
Little Yogis and Co offers all children and young adults one on one sessions. The sessions are supported with yoga, meditation, breathing techniques to help you manage day to day life or supporting you finding the balance. For the younger little yogis they also include art, music and cognitive therapeutic sessions. 

Birthday Parties
Little Yogis and Co offering caters for children's birthday parties. A two hour offering with their yoga teacher will include art, music, yoga, breathing, meditation with games and lots of fun. They can come to you in a preferred location or you can be at their studio at 4th Williamstown Sea Scouts. Cost is $20 per child. 

Locations & Opening Hours:

4th Williamstown Sea Scouts
The Strand, Williamstown 3016
Tuesdays- 9.15am, 10.15am OR 11.15am

Brunswick North
My Midwives - 31 Weston Street
Brunswick North 3056
Thursdays- 9.15am, 10.15am OR 11.15am

For more information, visit the website

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