The Suitcase Kids Can Sleep In On Planes!

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Introducing the JetKids BedBox, the product whose slogan says it all: “It’s a suitcase, it’s a bed, it’s a miracle.” If you’re travelling with kids aged 0-7yrs, you need this magical device that kids can ride on at the airport, stretch out on during the fights, and fall asleep on in comfort.

Source: INSIDER Inventions Facebook

First Class Flyers

Little kids will be first class flyers with the BedBox available in red and blue, and it sure doesn’t skimp on the great features. Its universal sizing means it fits almost any type of plane seat out there, the swivel wheels allow kids to really soar in the airport, it’s a seat when they get tired, and has a machine washable mattress that can also double as a change table! Although it can’t be used during take-off and landing, why not try it on the bus or train too?

jet kids 2


Do You Need It?

Now that we’ve seen that the BedBox exists, we don’t know how we could travel with kids in any other way. They ship to Australia, selling for around AU$226.00. You can buy it here.

The Fly Legs Up

There are also some other similar products out there on the market. Check out the Fly Legs Up- suitable for children AND adults, this nifty travel buddy makes economy flights a whole lot more comfortable by letting you move your legs up and into many different positions on a sturdy inflatable pillow, and avoid foot and leg swelling! It's also big enough to provide little ones with a platform to sleep on. You can get it for around AD $79.95. Get it here. 

Source: Fly Legsup Youtube

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