How Much Will A Trip To Disneyland & Disneyworld Cost You?

DisneyFamilyMadness have given Aussie families an awesome run-down of what to expect in terms of wallet damage when visiting the happiest place on Earth.

They've listed all the costs you can expect when you visit Disneyland in California and then onto Walt Disney World in Florida. 

Here's A Rundown

Hopefully, you didn't read that and have a near heart-attack, and are still open-minded about making the long journey to what is sure to be a memorable family holiday.

For a family of four with two children under 10 years old, here's what you're looking at: $12,593.

Disney Family Madness

Keep in mind, that is the cost of visiting both parks, with multiple days in each park, and staying in great quality accommodation. However, when you factor in food, souvenirs (trust us, once you're there, they'll pull you in) and other unforeseen costs, it could work out to be quite a lot more. 

Tax return time couldn't come quick enough...


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Images courtesy of DisneyFamilyMadness