Family Adventure: Hong Kong Giving Away 500,000 Free Flights

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Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Asia! With the launch of the "Hello, Hong Kong" campaign, the city is calling out to families and thrill-seekers alike, inviting you to explore its vibrant streets, breathtaking views, and delectable cuisine.

And the best part? 500,000 free plane tickets are being given away, suppotred by the The Hong Kong Tourism Board and The Hong Kong Airport Authorirty, to help revive the local economy and show you just how much they value your visit. The "World of Winners" flight giveaway starts in March for Southeast Asia, followed by Mainland China in April, and other overseas regions in May. So, mark your calendars and visit the World of Winners website or the specific pages of Cathay Pacific, HK Express, and Hong Kong Airlines to secure your free ticket.

Time For A New Family Adventure: Hong Kong Tourism Board Giving Away 500,000 Free Plane Tickets

But wait, there's more! The Hong Kong Tourism Board is also offering 1 million "Hong Kong Goodies" consumption vouchers for dining, shopping, and other travel-related activities. So, whether you're in the mood for street food, fine dining, or shopping sprees, Hong Kong has got you covered.

And while the airport authority will cover the cost of your economy-class airfare, there are still taxes and other fees you'll need to pay. But with all the excitement and fun that Hong Kong offers, it's well worth it!
Of course, with the ongoing pandemic, safety measures are in place. Foreign visitors must show proof of vaccination and recent negative COVID-19 tests, and masks are mandatory in public areas.

Family-Friendly highlights of Hong Kong

Here are some of the city's most family-friendly and, let's be real, just super fun attractions.

1. Disney's Hong Kong Resort

The most magical place... in Hong Kong?

Because who doesn't love a little magic and Mickey Mouse?

2. Ocean Park

Hold on tight!

This theme park is about to give you a wild ride! With all sorts of creature-filled aquariums and a theme park that will make you feel like a kid again, you'll want to come back again and again.

3. Victoria Peak 

What a view!

Prepare for jaw-dropping views of Hong Kong's skyline from this iconic landmark. You can take the famous Peak Tram for a smooth ride to the top, or if you're feeling adventurous, go for a scenic hike.

4. Hong Kong Science Museum 

The bustling streets are an attraction all their own. 

Science has never been so fun! With interactive displays and hands-on exhibits, even the most curious kids will be entertained.

5. Hong Kong Park 

Breathe some fresh air at Hong Kong Park. 

It's time to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy some green space in the heart of the city. This park has everything, from a beautiful lake to a bird-filled aviary, and even a botanical garden!

6. Hong Kong Zoo

Everything from pandas to elephants to monkeys!


 Want to meet some of the coolest creatures on the planet? Look no further than Hong Kong's very own zoo, where you can find everything from pandas to elephants to monkeys (and maybe even a superhero or two).

7. The Big Buddha

Hike and visit traditional villages, or just chill and admire the Buddha.

This bronze statue is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world, and it's located on the beautiful Lantau Island. You can hike and visit traditional villages, or just chill and admire the Buddha.

So pack your bags, grab the family, and join the fun. Hong Kong awaits!

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